SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 23, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Building on the success of last year’s sold out event, this year’s Summit aims to help further the increased participation by [email protected] in the tech and innovation economy, increasing the visibility of established [email protected] in this sector and supporting the emerging leaders of tomorrow. Beyond the conversation about the pipeline, accelerating inclusion and key lessons of Latino led start-ups, this year one of the themes and areas of focus is women and the launch of the US Latina Entrepreneur Day.

“I am excited about the possibilities presented by the gathering of these leaders in tech and innovation. The narrative about Latinos and Latinas does not reflect the stories about the creators, entrepreneurs, investors, media creators and social change workers that exist in the community much less the emerging leaders of tomorrow. During last year’s [email protected] in Tech Summit we proved that [email protected] in Tech are innovators, creators and investors, established and emerging leaders in the tech and innovation economy. We look forward to continuing the conversation and taking it to the next level through this year’s Summit,” said Kety Esquivel founder of XelerateTech and the [email protected] in Tech Summit.

“The beauty of the Latino Tech eco-system is that we are becoming more united. At the same time we also suffer the lack of visibility, access to capital and mentorship. XelerateTech efforts to have us join and create community in Austin is one that I personally support. As someone with a startup I am consistently busy. XelerateTech will allow me to engage in deep conversations with my fellow Latino Tech entrepreneurs giving us all a retreat from coding, designing and customer development. I applaud Kety Esquivel’s efforts to have us all in Austin on the eve of SXSW to construct a new reality to our new majorities,” said Deldelp Medina CEO and Co-Founder of Avion Ventures.

After working for years try to improve Latino and Latina representation at SXSW, in 2013 Kety partnered with the Kapor Center for Social Impact to organize the first [email protected] in Tech Summit, a one-day by-invitation gathering for [email protected] leaders in 2014. Over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, media creators and social change workers participated in the event. Inspired by the results of last year’s event Kety founded XelerateTech and recommitted to producing the event again in 2015.

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XelerateTech connects established and emerging leaders in the tech sector from under representative groups by hosting events and creating outreach programs. Job creation, career advancement, inclusion and skill development are key focuses for the group.