NEW YORK, NY – October 23, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Wilmer Valderrama heats up LatinTRENDS’ cover. In the interview, Valderrama gets fired up about his acting career, immigration, his will to rise above challenges and uniting Latinos in the U.S. “It’s important that all [Latinos] unite and understand that there is a different movement happening. We are part of the engine in this country just like everybody else, and that, to me, is number one,” Valderrama said.

LatinTRENDS speaks with Mexican-American stunner, Stephanie Sigman

Stephanie Sigman is the newest Bond Girl and she plays Valeria Velez, Pablo Escobar’s mistress in the latest Netflix hit series “Narcos.” Also starring in “Narcos,” playing Colonel Carrillo, actor Maurice Compte weighs in on the plague of Latin American drug cartels. The special feature explores the rise of cartels and lists its most powerful capos.

The CIA is on the hunt for Latinos

In this month’s issue, the CIA’s fourth ranking official, Carmen Middleton, who happens to be a Latina, explains why the CIA is committed to hiring more Latinos. “As the Hispanic population grows in the United States and the Hispanic representation in federal service, as well as in the Agency, is not keeping pace, the disparity is becoming quite stark.”

New chapter in the history of the Boy Scouts of America

“In 2001, the Supreme Court ruled that the organization had the right to exclude homosexuals. The Boy Scouts of America, which has over 3 million scouts and 1.2 million adult volunteers, erupted in turf wars.” Antonio Camacho, Scoutmaster Troop 729 based in Washington Heights describes how his troop shifted their efforts toward gender neutrality and weathered the storm until the organization lifted the ban.

Meet opera singer turned bachatero Johnny Sky and multi-talented instrumentalist Ava Gold

LatinTRENDS explores their unique styles and musical inspirations. “I thought it’d be really cool to write a song about my parents—all the struggles and sacrifices they had to make in pursuit of ‘The American Dream,’ but all the while never forgetting where they came from,” says Ava Gold.

Health and Wellness Advice

This month’s health and wellness advice offers “5 Reasons to Start Daily Meditation Practice,” “Food for Glowing and Beautiful Skin,” and “5 Latin American Ingredients You Need In Your Kitchen This Season,” plus an interview and a tempura avocado recipe from celebrity chef, Cheo.

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