GLENDALE, CA – February 2, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – TheTRENDTalk, the American TV talk show highlighting the latest trends and specifically highlighting Latino accomplishments, innovators, and trending topics, launches production on its first season slated for 13 episodes. TheTRENDTalk was created by producer/entrepreneur Bel Hernandez, Emmy Award winning journalist, Naibe Reynoso, and actor/playwright/author Enrique Castillo.

The show premieres on February 11, 2017 on cable channels AT&T (Ch. 27), Verizon (Ch. 487) and Frontier (Ch. 1515). But it is on smart TV where the show will have a potential audience of 140 million viewers. It airs on Roku, AppleTV, AmazonTV and GoogleTV.

The bilingual (Spanish/English) chat show will highlight the latest trending topics in social media, popular culture, health, technology, spirituality, Latinos/Latinx, celebrity, fashion, politics, and entertainment — with a large spectrum of trendsetters and topics which make up our everyday lives. Highlight segments of the show can be viewed on their Facebook page.

“It is amazing that still, to this date there is a lack of Latina voices on TV, when Latinas are a force to be reckoned with in so many sectors of society,” said Hernandez, who is the CEO and President of LatinHeat Media, a multi-media company that encompasses print, online editorial, as well as TV and film production.

TheTRENDTalk has a worldwide audience through its OTT platforms and the timing could not be better considering that Variety reports that “…as of April 2016, Nielsen-measured ratings have been made available to brand-level TV connected device data for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast…” It is the future and TheTRENDTalk is at the forefront.

TheTRENDTalk, through this new Nielsen data has the ability to know how many consumers are watching and on which brand of TV-connected devices they’re using. This is an opportunity for advertisers to tap into the U.S. Latino demographic which possess a projected aggregate buying power of $1.7 trillion, and considering that 56% of Latinos are Internet users and use this medium for their media consumption, TheTRENDTalk is a tremendous advertiser opportunity

Co-hosts Bel Hernandez and Naibe Reynoso bring a wealth of experience to the talk show circuit. Hernandez is an award winning publisher, entrepreneur, producer, author and CEO of LatinHeat Media. Reynoso is an Emmy award-winning journalist. She has worked for various local, national, and International networks including CNN Espanol, France 24, Univison and local Los Angeles stations such as KTLA, KCBS and Azteca, and has filled in as guest host for “The View.” Most recently, both Hernandez and Reynoso where hosts on the KCAL9/CBS2 talk show HOLA! LA. They also both share the distinction of serving on the board of the George Foster Peabody Awards. Hernandez’s six-year tenure ended in 2008, while Reynoso’s tenure began in 2015.

With the over 55.3 million Latinos in America, they are a trend that can no longer be ignored. In addition, Latinas lead the way as entrepreneurs and for the past five years, the highest paid TV actress has been a Latina. That is why TheTRENDTalk will be targeting the bilingual, English-speaking Latina/o from ages 34-65.

TheTRENDTalk shoots in their Glendale, CA studios, and are accepting talent booking and topic submissions at [email protected]

Genre: Talk Show
Created by: Bel Hernandez and Naibe Reynoso
Executive Produced by: Bel Hernandez, Naibe Reynoso, Enrique Castillo, Jennifer Saffary, in association with Latino PBS
Directed by: Enrique Castillo
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Original Language: English/Bilingual (Spanish/English)
Premiere Date: February 11, 2017
Running Time: (60 Mins)
Production Company: LatinHeat Media

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