MIAMI, FL – July 7, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The multimedia platform “The Spiritual Nation” with headquarters and studios in the sunshine state will produce its interactive talk show entitled “Cambia Tu Vida” (Change Your Life) – A Transformational Event for Latinas that will be held on Thursday July 14, 2016 in 380 Design District Studios.

With a focus of inspiration on “better living” The Spiritual Nation provides 12 talks shows annually, a series of seminars on personal growth and concerts to raise awareness of the audience with a production format never before seen in the Spanish language. “Following the success of Ted Talks, Super Soul Sunday, we know that there is a need for transformational content – so we’re excited to bring this vision to the community – a movement called #1Spirit1Nation,” said the Co-founder of The Spiritual Nation, Yeries Musiet.

Presented by acclaimed journalist and winner of the GLAAD Award, Carlos Anaya Charan Singh, who is backed by a group of influential leaders in their respective areas for the first segments “7 Minutos que Inspiran” (7 Inspiring Minutes)” and the talk show “Cambia Tu Vida” (Change Your Life):

Viviana Vethencourt – Executive Life Coach/Writer – “From Princess to Owner”

Felipe Viel – Entertainer / Writer – “PapaCiencia”

Mario Vannucci – Astrologer / Writer – “Working with the Angels”

Mariulis Rodriguez – Life Coach / Writer – “Boot Camp For Your Life”

Joyce Haddad – Spiritual Psychologist “Spiritual Divorces”

Alfonso León – TV Personality / Feng Shui expert – “Balancing Your Life from home”.

Carlos Anaya Charan Singh is a bicultural journalist and Kundalini Yoga instructor and assures “The Spiritual Nation is aware of the Millennials’ spiritual quest. We have the necessary content and digital technology to inspire them. We bring answers to all their questions that cannot be found in the traditional formats. The platform allows the viewer to experience a journey that goes beyond the five senses imparting knowledge and a holistic healing passport that will definitely contribute to the development of a better lifestyle”.

With an estimated 15,000 participants per year on all the platforms, the Spanish community will experience an awakening of conscience guided by experts. The Spiritual Nation and its three business units: conferences, spiritual boutique marketing agency and web/mobile application will also create new employment opportunities for South Florida.

The Spiritual Nation promotes philanthropy, in this case donating parts of their proceeds to the nonprofit foundation The Trauma Resolution Center (TRC) which for over twenty years has benefited thousands of customers who have experienced traumatic events. TRC announced the leadership of Carlos Anaya Charan Singh as Chairman of the Board, who implemented a social program to help Venezuelan political refugees who have recently immigrated to Miami.

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The Spiritual Nation

Recognized as the first spiritual marketing agency in Spanish, The Spiritual Nation is positioned on the market as a platform with multimedia content providing consumers with personal growth tools aimed to improve their living quality through conferences, retreats, talk shows. The web and mobile application “The Spiritual Nation” and concerts “The Spiritual Nation Music Unplugged” are also other business units incorporated as franchises.

Talk Show Your Life Change
Hosted and produced by journalist Carlos Anaya Charan Singh, the interactive format Change Your Life introduces ideas, wisdoms, philosophies, interviews with a human and spiritual touch, as well as healing techniques – supported by advanced technology with an average of 300 spectators. The most influential leaders in the self-knowledge areas make an appointment to be interviewed at Change Your Life.

7 Inspiring Minutes
Each segment is inspired by the experiences of VIP coaches who now will have the opportunity to being in front of the audience to explain their “why” and revealing tips for improvement and better living. The heart to heart talks are supported by an interactive visual content creating an experimental production – 420 seconds that will change your life.

The Spiritual Nation Music Unplugged

Using sound as a healing tool, the series of acoustic concerts present the artists and singers in an inspirational tone. In an intimate set, with stories and anecdotes, the audience lives from soul to soul songs and mantras that will transport us to sensations beyond our five senses.

Carlos Anaya Charan Singh
A graduate of Florida International University in Journalism and Production, Anaya created the “Transformational Entertainment” concept for the millennials. Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Executive Producer and Presenter of Change Your Life, Anaya has worked for Al Rojo Vivo (Telemundo, NBC), Fox News Latino, Siempre Mujer Magazine, MY Lifestyle Magazine as multimedia producer, talent and expert media consulting.

The Spiritual Nation Lanza El Talk Show “Cambia Tu Vida”

WHAT: Event Cambia Tu Vida (Change Your Life).
WHERE: 380 District, 380 NE 59 St, Miami FL 33137.
WHEN: Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 PM.
WHO: Felipe Viel, Alfonso León, Mario Vannucci, Carlos Anaya Charan Singh among other celebrities and influential leaders invited.

For Tickets: or