LOS ANGELES – November 20, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The Orphaned Earring, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing arts & crafts, school supplies as well as year-round aid to four orphanages in Latin America is the only Latina-led blog to make it as a finalist for the Annual Bloganthropy Awards, which recognizes and honors bloggers who use their sites to support charitable causes.

“I hope to inspire others to find a cause, any good cause, as long as it’s in benefit of others and make part of your life. That’s how we’re really going to achieve a positive change in our communities”

By collecting orphaned earrings and unwanted jewelry, The Orphaned Earring re-purposes and recycles the materials by creating bracelets to sell. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the orphanages and their surrounding communities.

“We are in the business of doing good and shopping with meaning,” said Denisse Montalvan, Founder and Chief Inspired Visionaire of The Orphaned Earring, “So I feel so honored to be a finalist of the Bloganthropy Awards while representing my Latino community. I hope to inspire others to find a cause, any good cause, as long as it’s in benefit of others and make part of your life. That’s how we’re really going to achieve a positive change in our communities.”

Having migrated to the U.S. at age 17, Denisse Montalvan promised God to use her education for a good cause if He helped her obtain her college education. Beating all odds she graduated top of her class and first in her family to obtain a college degree. In late 2011, Montalvan converted her homemade project into a self-sustained non-profit organization and has expanded to aid three other orphanages since. Today the organization helps over 300 children living in orphanages and over 20 indigenous families living in Latin America by providing food, clothes and creative activities as means of healing.

The Orphaned Earring volunteers have their own source of income and none of the funds benefit any member, this allows for 100 percent of the proceeds to directly benefit each orphanage. “We rely heavily on volunteers and we have an amazing group,” said Shirley Fernandez, Communications Extraordinaire and event planner of The Orphaned Earring. “For example, we have Luis Gatica, a graphic designer working out of Nicaragua, Crystal Gudino, a digital photographer in California and Ebanidia Martinez in Guatemala who at times hikes a difficult terrain to deliver food and aid to an impoverished area.”

“We’re a diverse team,” added Montalvan, “we donate our time, talents and love to keep helping the orphanages, winning the Bloganthropy Award would be recognition of our volunteers too.”

Denisse Montalvan uses her professional skills to continue growing The Orphaned Earring. She has a degree in Public Relations and a minor in advertising. She is part of a dynamic PR team and is a double agent having served as a media expert on both general market and Hispanic programs for award winning brands. A true visionary with a proven track record of supporting her teams by creating cultural and emotional connections to brands that bridge language and lifestyle nuances to speak to the unique needs and wants of today’s consumer. “With dedication, hard work and God by my side I get to be where I’m at today, living a very blessed life,” expressed Montalvan.

About The Orphaned Earring
The Orphaned Earring is dedicated to bringing aid and healing to four orphanages in Latin America, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. How it works:

1) Donate your orphaned earrings or unwanted jewelry
2) We find a home for the earring by beading it into a bracelet while recycling materials
3) The bracelet gets sold and together we raise funds for orphans in Latin America

To shop for bracelets please visit, http://theorphanedearring.com/shop. Send your orphan earrings and/or unwanted jewelry to The Orphaned Earring, P.O. Box 1565, Hawthorne, CA 90251. For more information on The Orphaned Earring please visit www.TheOrphanedEarring.com.

About the Bloganthory Awards
Launched in 2010 by Bloganthropy, the unique awards program is dedicated to recognizing bloggers who effectively use social media for social good at the Champions for Kids Annual Conference in Rogers, AR. The Champions for Kids Annual Conference brings together a dynamic group of corporate executives, national nonprofit/educational leaders, bloggers and thought leaders committed to accelerating social impact for kids. For more information about Bloganthropy and the Bloganthropy Blogger of the Year Award, please visit bloganthropy.org. For more information on Champions for Kids, please visit championsforkids.org