NEW YORK, NY – October 13, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – All over the U.S and across the globe there is an ongoing epidemic of both bullying and cyber-bullying. In the U.S alone, over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. These numbers are staggering and only getting worse., an organization whose mission is to educate and provide information to schools, parents and community leaders on what both bullying and cyber-bullying are, is a key advocate against such harmful acts. After learning of a child’s death by suicide due to bullying in his own neighborhood,’s founder, Ray “rayroQ” Acosta, decided to use his influence and connections in the entertainment world to create

“We need to show our children that there are more positive things to do with their time than bully and cyber-bully. So let’s show them ways for them to have a better tomorrow”

“I thought something more needed to be done and I decided to take action.” Stated Ray Acosta.

The mission of is to educate and provide information to schools, organizations and communities on bullying, cyber-bullying, who is at risk, and how we can prevent and respond to this growing epidemic.
and its corporate sponsors; Columbia University, Emblem Health, Goldcrest Films and Presbyterian Hospital alongside its strategic media partners Kinake Group, Corriente Latina and Lo Maximo Productions have been hard at work bringing awareness to our anti-bullying campaigns.

When asked on some of the measures will take to achieve its goal, Ray responded “We need to show our children that there are more positive things to do with their time than bully and cyber-bully. So let’s show them ways for them to have a better tomorrow.”

And that’s exactly what was accomplished. This past summer Stop Bullying Tour collaborated with many key organizations in New York City to execute a number of successful events including exclusive visits to Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lo Maximo Productions Studio, Gold Crest Films as well as the We Loud music studios.

During every event the theme remained consistent; Ray Acosta along with the host of the venue and ambassadors speak on bullying, the problem – the facts and proposed solutions. The children are then given personal and private tours and taught about what each venue does.

“Maybe by opening up a child’s mind to what these companies do, it will trigger curiosity that could shift negative energy into something positive while also helping their future,” said Ray Acosta on the premise of the trips.

Stop Bullying Tour’s last Event was a collaboration with local and state government. Prior to the start of the new academic year in New York City, Stop Bullying Tour held a children’s Zumba class at a local NYC School in Washington heights. Students were asked to participate in this fun filled event which offered the children physical exercise as well as an outlet to learn more about bullying and how to prevent it. Each child that participated received free school supplies and a book bag; Stop Bullying Tour exercised both their bodies and minds.

As we continue our efforts to increase awareness on bullying, we ask that you visit our website and see what other events we have in store at

About Stop Bullying Tour
The influential world of pop culture is standing united to respond to the global epidemic of bullying. With the support of major star power, the leaders of the “Stop Bullying Tour,” are set to bring together on several platforms international influencers to stand up for anti-bullying. The “Stop Bullying Tour” is set to make an impact with voices from different parts of the world to encourage others to STOP all types of bullying. Join our pledge to help identify, solve and suppress the action of bullying.