CHICAGO, IL – August 14, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) –The book Logra Tu Dream: How 50 Successful Latinos & Latinas Turned Their Dreams Into Reality by Arturo Nava officially launched Sunday 8/9 on Amazon with tremendous success. The book reached the #1 spot in Amazon Bestseller rankings in 6 categories including Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Small Business, Job Hunting, Special Groups, Hispanic American Studies and Vocational Guidance in the two days after it launched.

The book has been warmly embraced by Latino and non-Latino readers garnering 49 five star reviews on Amazon in just a few days (as of 8/13). Here is one of the Amazon reviews from one of the readers:

“Best book ever about successful Latino entrepreneurs, unveils the stories of the people that started from very humble beginning to successful enterprises; immigrants that had many obstacles in this country and how they achieved their American dream. Arturo recognizes that the lack of mentorship and the “sí, se puede” (it is possible) mindset needs to be really adopted by those of us seeking our dream. This book will teach you the roadmap to success, and help you avoid costly mistakes that other made. I really encourage you to read this book and learn from the best Latino entrepreneurs. Arturo thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Latino community, you are truly an inspiration to me. Sí, se puede!” Felipe Diaz.

Based on interviews Arturo Nava conducted on his Logra Tu Dream podcast, The “Logra Tu Dream” book shows how 50 successful Latinos and Latinas turned their dreams into reality and what these exceptionally successful people have in common. It synthesizes the 12 proven principles behind 50 success stories of self-made Latino & Latina entrepreneurs and leaders like Gaby Natale president of Super Latina TV, Manny Ruiz founder of Hispanicize, Felix Montelara founder of Potencial Millonario, Deldelp Medina CEO of Avion Ventures among many others.

Ranging from tech innovators to millionaire entrepreneurs, executives, White House officials, authors, content creators and artists. These men and women show that it takes blood, sweat, tears -and ganas! – to overcome the odds and achieve the American Dream. These inspirational people share their stories providing us insight into the mindset, actions and habits that allowed them to overcome barriers and conquer fears, to achieve what they once thought impossible.

The Logra Tu Dream book shows that anybody can turn their dreams into reality by learning and putting into action the proven principles captured in this book such as:

— Believe that “Si se puede” (it is possible)

— Adopt the mindset of success

— Dream big

— YOU are the most important asset you need to invest in.

— Be grateful, give and surround yourself with the right people.

— Get mentored and take massive action.

The Logra Tu Dream book comes at time in which achieving the American Dream has become increasingly difficult for many Latinos despite the huge opportunities. “The dream has become more elusive because there is a lack of mentorship and inspiration from Latino and Latina role models who demonstrate that “si se puede” (it is possible) and who share their roadmap to success.” says Arturo Nava.

Logra Tu Dream is a book that is poised to have a significant impact in the Latino community and beyond. Gaby Natale the president of Super Latina TV who wrote the forward for the book puts it perfectly: “Logra Tu Dream reminds us that it is vital for our community to keep embracing a Si Se Puede attitude and to develop our full potential both individually and collectively.”

About Logra Tu Dream
Logra Tu Dream is a platform in a mission to help Latinos and Latinas achieve their dreams by bringing them much needed virtual mentorship and inspiration from Latino & Latina role models. The Logra Tu Dream platform is comprised of a top podcast and a #1 Amazon Bestselling book by the same name. You can find the book at and the podcast at

About Arturo Nava
Arturo Nava is a Brand Builder, Author & Founder of Logra tu Dream #1 Amazon Bestselling Book and top podcast in a mission to help Latinos and Latinas achieve their American Dream. He is also the Marketing Director of Nuestro Queso an Illinois Hispanic dairy company. Arturo has 13 years of experience marketing top brands in the Latino and General Market at Fortune-500 companies like P&G, MillerCoors and “Marketealo” his consulting firm. He has interviewed more than 50 of the most inspiring and influential Latinos & Latinas on the Logra Tu Dream podcast. Arturo is originally from Mexico City and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. More importantly he is the father of two precious kids.

Twitter: @logratudream