MIAMI, FL – June 3, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Spanish Fitness Media (SFM) introduces its 360 Marketing Work-out, the bodybuilding and fitness platform enabling brands to build muscle into their marketing effort, during Portada’s 7th Annual LatAm Media Summit.

SFM publishes Muscle Development Latino (MDL) the premier Spanish- and Portuguese-language publication for the Latino bodybuilding community. Kit Sanderson, CEO, stated that, “…the MDL 360 Cross Media Platform unites and serves the U.S Hispanic and Latin American bodybuilding and fitness communities. The platform, anchored by the Spanish Language distribution of the venerable Muscle Development Magazine (est. 1964), integrates 12 owned and operated country sites, a popular video channel and an energetic social network fueled by MDL’s participation in major bodybuilding events within this sector. The MDL 360 Cross Media Platform mix of digital, mobile, social and experiential can build muscle into the marketing campaigns of virtually any consumer brand.”

SFM sponsorship of the Portada LatAm Summit will include an MDL exhibit and photo area for clients to meet and greet popular Latin Bodybuilders: Rebeca Oquendo, Janettsy Chiszar, Manuel Romero and Geobanny Paula.

Mr. Sanderson has also been tapped to share his extensive knowledge on engaging the Latino bodybuilding and fitness community, as a panelist in Thursday’s (6/4) session, “The Sports Crazy Latin American Consumer.”

SFM’s sponsorship of Portada’s LatAm Summit –one of the key marketing events for brands reaching out to the Latino consumer- is to showcase MDL’s digital and social audience base and its value to general market brands- those beyond supplements and extreme equipment. Bodybuilding is being championed internationally as the most efficient strategy for weight-loss, body-shaping and general well-being; participants range from professional athletes, super-models to anyone of us dedicated to improving our levels of fitness and confidence.

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About Spanish Fitness Media:
SFM is a major publisher and industry leader in the Spanish language bodybuilding and fitness arena. SFM publishes MD Latino Magazine, operates a dozen websites and supports a substantial social network throughout the U.S. Latino and LatAm territories. SFM also participates in most major bodybuilding events & competitions and subsequently has developed a 360 Cross Media Platform to enable clients to engage this rapidly growing community of influencers. For more information on SFM and MDL 360, please visit our website at: and