Use Reference Links to Improve Authority

Linking out to reputable sites in your press release will help to establish authority for your client

The links you include have a ripple effect when it comes to searches, and Google values this kind of linking.

The key here is to preserve relevancy. The reference links you use need to add value. It goes without saying that one such link should be to your client’s website, but you also want to sprinkle three or four links to things like industry statistics and quotes.

Context is crucial. Your links need to be anchored in a relevant way. The logic behind the reference links you choose should be apparent. Adopt a mentality of being helpful to the recipient of your press release when it comes to links.

Weblinks Optimization - Hispanic SEO
Your links need to be anchored in a relevant way

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Sebastian Aroca, MIB is an entrepreneur and a customer centric Hispanic Marketing professional. He co-founded Hispanic Market Advisors® and has over 20 years of professional experience managing search marketing programs, including Spanish SEO, and client acquisition strategies geared towards connecting innovative brands and professionals with the U.S. Hispanic markets.

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