Bloggers and Influencers are Your Friend

Most PR professionals understand the importance of blogging and connecting with influencers.

Few have a successful strategy for tapping into to the power of this cultural phenomenon. A highly visible blog can literally send your press release to the moon.

This is where good research about target audiences comes into play. Bloggers love to write about things their readers get excited about. You can provide that with your press release, but only if you choose blogs that are relevant to your client’s field.

This is a competitive strategy. Many professionals are hustling to get that blog mention. You might want to investigate the use of some tools that can help you identify bloggers and influencers to target and partner with.

DiMe Media
DiMe Media develops a variety of customized digital campaigns to meet their client’s objectives

Identify bloggers and influencers to partner with

There are services like DiMe Media that connects Latina & Latino influencers with brands. Some services will let you compile your own list of sources and then export that list to an email marketing platform. You will want to make sure that your list is kept up to date, because the blogging landscape changes frequently.

These tactics, when used in a consistent way, will yield results in both SEO and marketing. To be the best in your field requires a modernized approach to PR, and harnessing the power of searches needs to be a cornerstone of that approach. And remember that by adding the top keywords in titles and headings, these can be used as snippets when your wires are shared through social networking sites.

Please share this post with your colleagues if you find it of value… and remember to apply the strategic use of SEO practices in your next Hispanicize Wire distribution to help you establish your SEO-friendly wires across as many relevant Hispanic media outlets as possible.


Sebastian Aroca, MIB is an entrepreneur and a customer centric Hispanic Marketing professional. He co-founded Hispanic Market Advisors® and has over 20 years of professional experience managing search marketing programs, including Spanish SEO, and client acquisition strategies geared towards connecting innovative brands and professionals with the U.S. Hispanic markets.

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