SHELTON, CT – April 22, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Scout Comics and Entertainment is proud to announce the formation of an exciting new comic book, intellectual property, and multi-media entertainment company!

Scout’s debut title will be SOLARMAN®, a re-launch of the Marvel comic book written by Stan Lee, cover by Michael Zeck, and created by Dave Oliphant!

Comic Book

Since its debut in 1989, the SOLARMAN® story has captivated readers’ imaginations about a young man on a quest to destroy evil with his newfound superpowers!

In 2015, the 21st century incarnation of SOLARMAN® will be written by Brendan Deneen (FLASH GORDON), Joe Illidge (DETECTIVE COMICS) with art by Josh Adams (DR. WHO)! The first issue of the new SOLARMAN® will feature covers by industry legends Neal Adams and Paul Green (STARSHIP TROOPERS).

This new SOLARMAN® is the story of Ben Tucker, a 20-year-old African- American hacker who lives in his father’s basement – not exactly how he pictured his life going. But when a terrifying alien cyborg attacks the International Space Station while it’s conducting solar energy experiments, Ben inadvertently downloads a strange, powerful virus. He soon finds himself infected with incredible power…and battling for his life – and for the future of the entire world!

“After three decades, we are thrilled to introduce SOLARMAN® to a new generation of comic lovers and have them experience this exciting 21st century superhero,” said Dave Oliphant, SOLARMAN® creator. “We are listening to our fans to keep the SOLARMAN® story relevant for today. Working with Brendan Deneen and the Scout Comics team is magical!”

About Dave Oliphant
He played in the Minor Leagues for the NY Yankees and the LA Dodgers for over six seasons. He is best known as the creator and publisher of the world famous Illustrated Classics (125 Titles). Oliphant devotes his time to business endeavors, sports and philanthropic work. He currently serves as President and CEO of OK, INC., a marketing and publishing company with retail sales of more than a billion dollars.

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