OAKLAND, CA – May 8, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – In a new Trump era, Cinco de Mayo is beginning to take on a new significance for many Latinos across the country. While the date holds deep political significance for Mexicans, for Americans this date most often is known for social gatherings rather than political action. However, the new political reality facing Latinos and particularly Latino immigrant communities, where our country’s leaders are debating border walls and massive deportations, has forced a new generation of leaders to consider new ways of empowering the community.

Today, Oakland-based Latina entrepreneur Martha Hernández launched an investment campaign and invited the public to invest in madeBOS, an innovative start-up that revolutionizes how low wage millennial workers plan their careers.

“Cinco de Mayo needs to be day of action and investment in our community. I am excited to give my friends, family and community the opportunity to invest and own a stake in madeBOS, and be part of a movement that is uplifting low wage workers through career planning and mentoring,” said Martha Hernández, founder of madeBOS.

“Now is the time to invest in the success of our Latino entrepreneurs, who are putting forth innovative ideas to empower our community,” said Jesse Martinez, Latino Startup Alliance Co-Founder and Co-chair. “madeBOS is our first Republic crowdfunding campaign and we are asking one thousand community members to be part of this opportunity. It’s time to make bold decisions leveraging our collective capital. It’s time for all of us to take ownership in creating an ecosystem of prosperity for our Latino community.”

In a CB Insights report that breaks down VC investment statistics in the last 5 years, Latino-owned firms are not listed, which could potentially mean that less than 1% went into Latino entrepreneurs. The report does show however, that 87% of VC investment goes to white founders, 12% to Asian-owned and 1% to Black-owned companies.

In working to break down these economic barriers, on May 5th, 2017 madeBOS was showcased at the first ever “State of Latinos: A Cinco de Mayo Call to Action.” This event hosted by the League of CA Cities Latino Caucus brought together regional leaders to discuss solutions to the most pressing issues faced by Latinos today. In a new Trump era, Cinco de Mayo is no longer just a day of celebration. It is a day of action.

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About madeBOS
madeBOS, Inc., made by own self, is a mobile app that empowers low wage millennial retail workers plan and drive their own careers to ultimately take them out of poverty. Founded by Latina entrepreneur Martha Hernandez, madeBOS adds transparency to the hiring and promotion process and allows those lacking social capital with information, resources and networking to reach their career potential. For more information about madeBOS, Inc., visit: www.madeBOS.com.

madeBOS’s campaign can be found under www.republic.co/madeBOS, a legal product that enables startups to raise money via investment crowdfunding without cap table concerns.