SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 26, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The recently launched social commerce portal reported its first positive figures concerning visitor engagement. Returning visitors accounted for 20% of all visits and an average visit to Charlateria lasts for almost two minutes*, surpassing the Internet average of shorter than a minute. The platform focuses on Spanish-speaking users in the US, offering them a wide range of products at the best prices and enabling social interactions. (*Google Analytics, February 2014)

“The emotional and cultural aspects of launching a community-driven platform are as important to me as the technology itself”

Right on trend

Online buyers in 2014 rely more than ever on the input of their friends from social networks when making their buying decisions. They ask for feedback either by starting product votings or following the shopping lists of people they trust. Product ratings have always been a popular and useful feature of social commerce portals and are recognized as a proven standard for comparison shopping. In light of this, Charlateria has been able to confirm Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s predictions that “social commerce is next to blow up”. The market expects double-digit growth again this year.

From Europe to the USA was launched in December by the Berlin-based startup Natteria as its first platform outside of Europe. “We had been always been planning to launch an English and a Spanish language version in the US and the final choice was to start with,” says Natteria CEO Bartholomew Oparski, whose career has already included working for Internet companies like Google. “I remember very well my summer holidays in California back in 1993 and the pleasure of meeting so many Spanish-speaking people,” Oparski said. “This experience additionally strengthened my decision to start with instead of The emotional and cultural aspects of launching a community-driven platform are as important to me as the technology itself.”

Most popular shopping categories

The “Plaza” is Charlateria’s catalog that displays products from thousands of merchants, offering a large single source for online product listings. Users and visitors can find products from such well-known merchants like eBay, Target, Wal-Mart, Etsy, Macy’s, Best Buy, and many others, ensuring a safe and family friendly shopping experience. The current most popular categories after a few weeks are “Clothing and Accessories” and “Electronics”.* Users and visitors search for products in Spanish and in English equally. (*Google Analytics, February 2014) Facebook Fan Page

Charlateria’s new Facebook Fan Page at offers its fans a continuous flow of the community’s most interesting posts. It will soon be possible to find interesting offers from Charlateria without leaving Facebook. Charlateria’s recent Fan Page contest was a complete success: the site has now surpassed 1,400 Facebook Fans. The portal will announce all upcoming contests in a timely manner directly on Facebook.