ALPHARETTA, GA – September 16, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Optical technology innovator QSpex Technologies today announced the launch of a new prescription eyewear service model that transforms lens production and delivery so that customers will receive finished premium eyewear in a fraction of the time compared to conventional industry methods.

“Our customers are receiving superior prescription eyewear with same-day, personalized, anywhere delivery at reasonable prices, with a ‘no questions asked’ guarantee”

To deliver prescription eyewear within hours – not days or weeks – QSpex has established a first-of-its-kind, community based lens production and service center that provides faster turnaround times and personalized customer support. Through these new QSpex Optical Service Centers, customers will receive their finished eyewear on the same day they are ordered AND have their custom eyewear personally delivered to wherever they choose via QSpex’s fleet of artistically wrapped and branded, environmentally friendly Mercedes Benz-produced Smart Cars.

“The QSpex Optical Service Centers offer a complete range of state-of-the-art progressive and single vision lenses, utilizing a pioneering touchless transfer technology that provides a precise and unadulterated surface geometry,” said Brett Craig, QSpex’s President and CEO. “The QSpex system,” added Dr. Kai Su, QSpex’s Founder and Chief Science Officer, “. . . integrates four technological backbones to deliver a lens with little to no design variance. The first is no-polish mold making, the second is mold design confirmation, the third is precision injection-compression molding, and the fourth is pure design transfer.”

The new QSpex service model is designed to deliver improved service experience, technology advancements and enhanced profit potential to eye care providers, due to the manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies the Company has achieved in lens and lens treatment production. The QSpex authorized eye care provider can offer their customers a distinct service advantage over conventional suppliers, including internet/web based eyewear providers, given the personalized, same-day service to a location of choice.

“Our new model gives consumers a unique shopping experience without any compromises,” said Craig. “That means our customers are receiving superior prescription eyewear with same-day, personalized, anywhere delivery at reasonable prices, with a ‘no questions asked’ guarantee.”

With custom-matched, digitally designed power curves, customers receive lenses with consistent, uncompromised replication quality. The Company’s embedded, fused treatment processes for anti-reflection, photochromic and polarization technologies provide best-in-class performance and longevity.

Since Craig took the helm of QSpex in January 2014, he has frequently remarked that the Company was poised to become a disruptive force in the eyewear industry. He and a new management team led the transformation by moving QSpex away from providing lens production machinery in the offices of eye care providers and to a new model in which the lenses are produced at small, community-based facilities and delivered by QSpex’s certified and licensed professionals to a customer’s designated location within hours.

With this new process, customers order their eyewear at any authorized QSpex eye care provider, who then places an order at a local QSpex Optical Service Center, which then produces and delivers the finished eyewear to wherever the customer chooses, all on the same day. To date, scores of U.S. and international eye care providers have joined the QSpex network, and the Company will soon announce additional retail choices.

The first Optical Service Center was launched in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia, market. Additional locations will be disclosed over the coming month.

“We are bringing prescription eyewear into the present,” Craig said, “by disrupting a slow and traditional service model, just as FedEx did in the parcel space, and offering customers the finest product and service at a reasonable price.”

About QSpex Technologies
QSpex Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2007 based on proprietary technology created by Dr. Kai Su, co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. The Company’s mission is to offer consumers finished prescription eyewear with same-day, anywhere delivery while giving vision care providers the unique capability to increase patient satisfaction through the quality of the lens and lens treatments, and by providing delivery on the same day the eye exam is performed. The Company’s leadership team holds numerous achievements in the eye care industry, from leading the world’s foremost photochromic lens company, Transitions Optical, to founding CIBA Vision in 1980 and CIBA Vision Ophthalmics in 1990.