MIAMI, FL – November 12, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Venezuelan pianist Arturo Sánchez presents “Piano Desde el Alma” (“Piano From the Soul”) an innovative musical offering which breaks traditional music paradigms, to take the viewer to another level of consciousness by playing the piano as a soloist from within, without sheet music, improvising unique themes which are born and die with the flow of his presentations.

Sánchez, who since the age of nine felt the desire to study piano, has developed an understanding of music that is capable of creating melodies with great sonority, ideal for meditation. This is why in 2012 he recorded his first CD titled “Piano Desde El Alma” (“Piano from the Soul”) and gave birth to his lifetime project whereby he has continued to produce songs such as: Transformación (Transformation); Agua de Manantial (Spring Water); Aceptación y Nada (Acceptance and Nothing); Tierra: Mundo e Inframundo (Earth: World and Underworld); and Los 7 Chakras (The 7 Chakras).

“Piano from the soul is an offering and at the same time an undertaking. It’s a way of breaking the routine which is implied in always interpreting the same works, because when I improvise my only commitment is the here and now, whereas when I interpret the works of other composers my commitment is to respect their work,” the pianist explained.

With a strong influence by the great pianists Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Mozart, Brahms, Mahler and Bruckner, among others, Arturo Sánchez was able to establish a new form of making music known by few in Venezuela but which sets a precedent in the world of new musical trends.

“Arturo Sánchez has found, through his solid academic foundation, an original and very personal way to convey through the piano all of his inner world and, in doing so, to connect his emotions with ours in a musical journey that is always new and unexpected,” said Carlos Urbaneja, Music Professor from the Mozarteum Music School in Caracas.


This new form of presenting the sounds of the piano has led him to conquer new territories and horizons. He recently offered a free concert for his fans at the Concert Hall of the Centro Cultural BOD, in Caracas, Venezuela, where he showcased part of his musical work to the hundreds of concertgoers in attendance. He also started an international tour which will lead him to expand his project in the United States and other countries of the region.

“Piano Desde El Alma” can be purchased on iTunes or CD Baby. To learn more about him one can visit his web pages and, follow him on Twitter and Instagram through @Pianosdelalma and on Facebook as Arturo Sánchez. Piano Desde El Alma.