FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – July 15, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – If you’ve ever watched Latin American telenovelas on Televisa, Telemundo or Univision, you know just how addictive they can be. From the plot-twists to the dramatic close-ups, there’s always something new for the audience day after day.

In the spirit of recreating this successful phenomenon, Consolidated Credit is creating a series of fun telenovela-style stories with the use of two friendly “fictitious” cartoon characters, Daniel Travieso and Rita Cabezas-Brüger. The objective is to tell everyday stories while providing financial tips in a creative and entertaining manner.

Who are Daniel Travieso and Rita Cabezas-Brüger?

Born and raised in Florida, Daniel Travieso studies and lives with his parents in Miami. Rita Cabezas-Bruger, originally from New York, eventually found herself moving to Florida to go to school while working part-time. Both are studying at the “Triumph University” (a fictitious school for illustration and story-telling purposes), and just as most young people their age do, they have plenty of dreams obstructed by adversity. Daniel is an extrovert impulsive dreamer, whereas Rita—though she too has dreams—is conservative and she has both feet on the ground. She thinks and plans everything. Rita is a “saver” and Daniel is a “spender” with the YOLO – “you only live once” attitude.

In this infographic (in Spanish) we explain the character’s skills and goals and the thought process that follows. Throughout the monthly published episodes Daniel and Rita will walk us through events including how to face financial challenges, managing debt, using credit cards, how to save and prepare for life events such as marriage, buying a home, a car, the birth of a child, the departure of a loved one, caring for pets, and more.

Hopefully these episodes will captivate people long enough to learn about the otherwise dull world of debt management and financial planning. To share your thoughts about Daniel and Rita and who you most identified with, please use the hashtag #danielyrita on Twitter and Facebook. We are eager to hear your thoughts.

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