LOS ANGELES, CA – May 2, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – With over 25 years of his musical career, Luis Alvarez “El Haragán”, singer, composer, founder, leader of the rock band El Haragán y Compañía, and a huge influence in the history of National Mexican Rock, announced the first dates of his tour in the U.S.A to promote his new album “Raíces” available now on sale.

The anticipated tour of one of the highest exponents of Mexico’s urban rock coincides with the release of his new and fifteenth album in collaboration with Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones, a legendary and celebrated guitarist of the blues originally from Dallas, Texas. “Raíces” is an ambitious production that unites two cultures and merges two perceptions of contemplating blues and life. With this album, the music of El Haragán y Jr. Boy conceive a mixture of musical styles, stories, emotions and dialogue in their compositions.

El Haragán’s music contains a wide variety of rhythms and musical ideas, where one can find hints of Blues, Funk, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Punk, Classic Rock and Latin Rhythms. More importantly, the music encloses lyrics that are practically featured chronicles of their own country’s emotional and cultural reality. This is the reason why some have named him a social portrait painter.

El Haragán has 14 album productions that collectively accumulate to more than 7 million copies sold, various awards, recognitions, appearances in film soundtracks, and the experience to have stepped on all kinds of stages within Mexican territory and abroad, essentially without support from the mass media.

The success of Haragán’s y Cia’s music is mainly due to word of mouth recommendations of their songs “Mi Muñequita Sintética”, “Él No Lo Mató”, “En El Corazón No Hay Nada”, “No Estoy Muerto” and “Bajando en la Esquina,” to name a few. These songs have been placed within the musical taste of audiences of all ages, becoming part of today’s classic National Mexican Rock songs.

Within the discography participations and musical collaborations of El Haragán and other artists are his highlighted duets with Alex Lora, Jhony Laboriel, Emanuel del Real (Café Tacuva), Rod Levario, Kenny and his participation in tributes for Los Tigres del Norte, Rockdrigo González and for Javier Bátiz.

El Haragán y Compañía will kick off their U.S. tour in Austin, Texas on May 13 at the Coliseum.