NEW YORK – October 17, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – McDonald’s owner/operators from the NY tri-state area continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with big surprises for their customers within the second phase of McDonald’s “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas” program, which, this year, pays tribute to Juan Luis Guerra’s musical achievements.

To close this month of celebrations on a high note, Dr. Pepper, AT&T, La Mega 97.9 and Amor 98.1 are joining McDonald’s “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas” to bring their customers a special event that will pay tribute to Juan Luis Guerra’s music. The event will feature live performances by Latin music stars such as Milly Quezada and Henry “El Torito” Acosta, among others. They will perform some of Juan Luis’s greatest hits as part of this tribute.

“I am infinitely grateful for all the support from the people that are part of this tribute in New York and for their solidarity towards my foundation”

“I am honored to be the recipient of this tribute, due to prior tour commitments I will not be able to be present at this event,” said Juan Luis Guerra. “I am infinitely grateful for all the support from the people that are part of this tribute in New York and for their solidarity towards my foundation,” added Guerra.

“McDonald’s ‘Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas’ is a month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage, its culture and music,” stated Ken Ebo, Marketing Director for McDonald’s New York. “We are very excited about paying tribute to Juan Luis Guerra’s musical legacy and counting on the talent of renowned Latin music stars and the support of Dr. Pepper, AT&T, La Mega 97.9 and Amor 93.1 to bring our customers a unique and unforgettable show,” added Ebo.

The exclusive, limited-capacity event will take place on October 23rd at Stage 48 in New York. A minimum donation in support of the Juan Luis Guerra Foundation, which works for the wellbeing of children, will be requested at the entrance. All the money raised at the event will be donated to this foundation.

“AT&T is happy to be part of the McDonald’s ‘Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas’ event and we are proud to contribute to this great cause for a second time; last year in support of the Celia Cruz Foundation and this year in benefit of the Juan Luis Guerra Foundation,” said Esther Gonzales, Senior Manager for Diversity Marketing at AT&T in the Northeast region. “Supporting causes like this is part of our commitment with the Hispanic community,” added Gonzales.

“Dr. Pepper has always celebrated originality and individuality. That’s why we are proud to be part of this McDonald’s ‘Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas’ event in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month,” stated Pete McIntyre, McDonald’s National Eastern Division Director. “Not only does this tribute celebrate Juan Luis Guerra’s musical legacy, but it is also a way to pay tribute to our whole Hispanic community,” added McIntyre.

Besides the aforementioned artists, the concert will also feature live performances by Henry Santos and Alex Sensation DJ from la Mega. “For la Mega 97.3 and Amor 93.1, Hispanic FM radio stations, it is an honor to join McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper and AT&T in this event that celebrates the Hispanic heritage of our audience,” said Eric García, Sales Vice President for WPAT-FM, Amor 93.1 & WSKQ-FM, Mega 97.9. “Juan Luis Guerra is an icon. His music has gone beyond borders and generations and so has his philanthropic work,” added García.

This second edition of McDonald’s “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas” started in mid-September by calling the customers’ attention through restaurant trayliners and interactive digital elements. Customers can vote until October 15 for their favorite Juan Luis Guerra song and find out more details about this great musical event on the McDonald’s New York tri-state official website:

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