SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 18, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – HipLatina ( is rapidly building an engaging community through daily original content in English that reflects the lifestyle and interests of today’s Latina community in the United States. Through its editorial voice of Latina bloggers including Gladys Rivera, Morena Escardó and Claudia Ahrens-Hernández, HipLatina has already generated over 20 million monthly impressions between and its social media platforms. Key themes covered include: Style (beauty, fashion, home), Self (health, wellness, family, education and travel), Delish (food and epicurean ideas, beverages, wine and entertaining), Arts (art, design, film, music and literary), and Success (career, financial savvy and inspiring stories).

HipLatina’s soft launch was in September, 2014 and has quickly grown to over 50,000 monthly visitors in just six months. Lisa Cavalli, HipLatina Co-Founder and COO, launched HipLatina because she wanted to share elements of success that have worked for her. “We believe in empowering Latina women through positive messaging, highlighting inspirational Latinas and “Do-it-Yourself” stories that promote actionable insights and engagement,” she said. Hiplatina has executed several corporate campaigns to educate its audience about opportunities in STEM, eating healthy and being a true Latina fashionista.

About HipLatina®
Founded in 2014, HipLatina is a unique platform supporting all facets of the modern Latina lifestyle with positive content that empowers, inspires, and informs.