EAST LONGMEADOW, MA – November 24, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The Quinceañera, the Hispanic coming-of-age tradition celebrating a maturing 15-year-old girl’s transition to womanhood, is more popular today in the United States than ever before. While the way families celebrate the important milestone varies – from simple family celebrations to lavish banquets – a Quinceañera is always an important event for the family and the fulfillment of years of dreaming and planning for the girl. From the time she turns four years old until her big day, virtually every Hispanic girl dreams of her Quinceañera.

Now, for the first time, little girls can play out those dreams of their future Quinceañera with a series of themed games that are ideal for the fast growing, 54-million strong, U.S. Hispanic population.

Developed by a team of experienced game inventors and marketers from the world’s biggest game-makers, the My Quinceañera Game line is available now at ToysRUs, toysrus.com, Amazon.com and other fine retailers.

My Quinceañera™ Countdown Game
My Quinceañera™ Countdown Game features a race around town to find the right cake, necklace, gown and high-heeled shoes so all Quinceañera dreams can come true!

Each player rolls the dice to move around the board to land on special squares to collect the tokens of each special item. The players will also land on squares that prompt drawing a Q CARD that may speed up or throw challenges in the Quinceañera planning. And if a player draws a TELL – ALL TIARA CARD she can share her own dreams about her very special Quinceañera. Once a player collects everything to ensure a spectacular night, she will get to wear the beautiful tiara and reveal her dream escort!

The My Quinceañera™ Countdown Game is for girls ages 8+ and retails for $17.99

My Quinceañera™ Angry Old Godmother Card Game
Why is godmother so angry? It’s because she never had her Quinceañera when she was 15! You don’t want to get stuck with her card at the end of the game! The dealer will hand out all of the cards to each of the players. Each player will remove all pairs of cards, faced down. The players will then choose one card from another player’s hand. This play proceeds until all cards have been paired except one- the godmother’s card.

My Quinceañera™ Angry Old Godmother Card Game is for girls ages 4+ and retails for $7.99.