PALO ALTO, CA; NEW YORK, NY; SAN JUAN, PR – December, 12, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Today marks the formal launch of the Silicon Valley Story Lab (SVSL), a global media and content-strategy firm with a simple but unique mission: to empower the world’s most socially minded organizations to think and behave like the world’s greatest media companies.

SVSL is also promoting the power of “purpose,” seeking to support organizations that are committed to aligning their top and bottom lines for positive social impact, and looking for ways to meet the new communication challenges throughout the world, including Puerto Rico where the firm has an office.

“We’re living in the age of Big Content, where your ability to effectively communicate your story matters more than ever,” says Giovanni Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO. “And so many organizations recognize the power of becoming more ‘purpose-driven’ and serving the public good. The challenge: many organizations lack the resources or expertise to engage the different kinds of stakeholders required for social impact — employees, customers, ecosystem partners, others. Our mission: to empower these organizations to communicate more effectively and at scale to make their vision a reality.”

The new firm’s leadership team — co-founders Rodriguez, Lance Gould, G. Antonio Sosa-Pascual, and Alejandro Badillo — has years of executive-level experience at some of the world’s most recognizable and influential media properties. In recent years, the team has also collaborated with some of the planet’s most powerful institutions and brands, including the White House (Obama Administration), the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Google, Microsoft, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Though there are numerous ways to tell stories, there is one through-line connecting all of SVSL’s projects: social good.

“We are inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” says Gould, who in addition to having been an Executive Editor at The Huffington Post and Deputy Managing Editor at the New York Daily News was also the Editor in Chief of the Boston Phoenix and the Editor of Spy magazine. “The 17 SDGs are a clear blueprint for making sure that not one of the seven billion people on the planet is left behind. But the most effective way to spread the gospel of the Goals is to successfully tell one small story at a time.”

SVSL’s Service Mix

SVSL’s services fall under three essential umbrella categories, which comprise a triptych of modern media services:

+The Story Lab: our anchor program: a 30-day sprint where we work closely with your stakeholders to position your organization for value and valuation, and develop an actionable plan to execute on the new positioning.

+Story Lab Studio: a suite of content and communication services tailored to your organization’s strategic objectives. Our forte: episodic content — in the form of blogs, podcasts, and video shows — distributed by prominent media partners.

+Story Lab Academy: an online/offline program where we educate your organization’s front-line professionals — executive team, marketing, sales, business development, customer service — on how to best engage their stakeholders.

SVSL’s Commitment To Puerto Rico

Silicon Valley Story Lab’s commitment to aid and alleviate those in distressed conditions is evident even in the geographic composition of its leadership team. The SVSL office in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is home to The Lab’s not-so-secret weapon: a team that’s looking to unleash the immense talent on the island — devastated by hurricanes in September 2017 — and work with organizations committed to reimagining and rebuilding the island economy.

“There is a surplus of high-quality talent facing relocation, and businesses are facing a shrinking market,” says Sosa-Pascual. “Our firm aims to retain this talent, keep families together, and provide new business opportunities in larger, higher growth and income markets.”

“We are proud to serve as a bridge between talent located in Puerto Rico and the rest of the world,” adds Badillo. “Further, with our services, we seek to enable organizations in Puerto Rico to become more purpose-driven, and help them grow, combining ‘back to the basics’ with innovation as a response to the Hurricane Maria disaster and help to rebuild the island.”

About SVSL
The Silicon Valley Story Lab (SVSL) is a global media- and content-strategy firm with a simple but unique mission: to empower the world’s most purposeful organizations to think and behave like the world’s greatest media companies. With offices in Palo Alto, New York, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, SVSL is poised to help global organizations compete more effectively in the age of Big Content, where the quality and reach of one’s story matters more than ever. Among its services: story-driven branding and positioning; story-driven content development and distribution; storytelling training for executive thought leadership, sales, and business development.