LOS ANGELES, California – September 17, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Transmedia publisher Familius has announced the October release of “My Name is Cool: Stories From a Cuban-Irish-American Storyteller,” a new book, his fourth, by acclaimed internationally touring bilingual storyteller, author, and performance artist, Antonio Sacre. One of the few Latino storytellers on the national speaking circuit, Sacre weaves Cuban folklore and personal stories, Mexican myths and legends, and Irish humor, into a memorable book full of humor, inspiration, tradition, and family.

The stories in My Name is Cool have been well-received by audiences and critics around the country who have watched Sacre perform this collection of funny and unforgettable tales inspired by his own personal history growing up as a Cuban-Irish-American.

“Over-the-top, as funny as they are touching. These stories convey the importance of bilingualism and biculturalism and should appeal to young readers.”

Kirkus Reviews described the stories in My Name Is Cool as “over-the-top, as funny as they are touching. These stories convey the importance of bilingualism and biculturalism and should appeal to young readers.”

The Village Voice calls Sacre, “Remarkable . . . a serious artist.”

The Chicago Tribune proclaims, “Wherever Sacre goes, he leaves storytellers behind.”

Backstage praises Sacre, calling him “powerful, hilariously honest . . . the man is an out and out genius.”

About the Author
Born in Boston to a Cuban father and Irish-American mother, Antonio Sacre is an internationally touring bilingual storyteller, author, and solo performance artist, based in Los Angeles. He has published award-winning children’s books and has performed as a storyteller at the National Book Festival at the Library of Congress, the Kennedy Center, the National Storytelling Festival, and museums, schools, libraries, and festivals internationally. His stories have appeared in numerous magazines, journals, and on National Public Radio. Sacre’s storytelling recordings have won numerous awards, including the American Library Association’s Notable Recipient Award, the Parent’s Choice Gold and Silver Awards, and the National Association of Parenting Publications Gold Award. He earned a BA in English from Boston College and an MA in Theater Arts from Northwestern University.

Since 1994, he has led many teacher in-services and district-wide trainings, sharing his knowledge of drama, storytelling, and writing in student workshops nationwide. Committed to nurturing, teaching, and performing for children of all ages, he is currently raising funds (visit: http://igg.me/at/antonio-sacre for campaign information) to support a fall tour of Los Angeles public schools and communities, where Antonio will do Storytelling Assemblies, Family Literacy Nights, and Writing Workshops, to help children discover and embrace their own multicultural backgrounds. “I actually stopped speaking Spanish for a few years, and I would try hard to hide my cultural identity. Luckily for me, my Cuban grandmother fought hard to make sure I spoke Spanish again and to instill in me a feeling of pride about the wonderful mix of cultures that came together to shape who I am,” said Antonio about the importance of his community work. When he is not touring, he works as storyteller-in-residence at the UCLA Lab School (formerly UES) on the UCLA campus in Westwood, CA.


About the Publisher
Familius is a transmedia publisher who publishes for marriage, parenting, family fun, education, health and wellness, and children. The Familius mission is to help families be happy. We connect families with the books, e-books, videos, articles, and apps, they need to build successful marriages and families. Let’s Talk Family. http://www.familius.com/

Book Details:
Title: My Name is Cool: Stories From a Cuban-Irish-American Storyteller
Author: Antonio Sacre
Publisher: Familius
ISBN: 9781938301568
eISBN: 9781939629029
Publication: October 2013, $10.95
6 x 9 trade paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, IPad, ePub, 144 pages, illustrations, index
*Available from bookstores, online booksellers and http://www.familius.com

9/24/2013 at 7 pm PST
Antonio Sacre Reads from “My Name is Cool”
Literary Death Match at Busby’s East
Admission: $8.00 pre-order, $10.00 at the door
21 & over

9/25/2013 at 4 pm PST
Antonio Sacre Reads from “My Name is Cool”
Alma Reaves Woods Watts Library – Imaginations Soar Program!
10205Compton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90002
(323) 789-2850
Admission: Free