BOISE, Idaho – March 18 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – ADamigo, the groundbreaking online marketplace designed for the Hispanic business community in the United States, is pleased to announce it has made major growth since its 2013 launch.

“Since our launch only six months ago, we have grown ADamigo to target the Hispanic network through various premium sources – not just digital”

According to January 2014 comScore Media Metrix data, ADamigo has already grown to reach 7.4 million unique visitors online. Included in that 7.4 million is a 30.8% Hispanic composition, which puts ADamigo as one of the top ten Hispanic ad focus networks in the United States.

“Since our launch only six months ago, we have grown ADamigo to target the Hispanic network through various premium sources – not just digital,” Juan Cardenas, CEO of ADamigo, said. “For example, a particular client of ours offers digital screens in over 1,000 Hispanic-concentrated locations across America, delivering millions of impressions.”

ADamigo’s inclusion in comScore Media Metrix data will bring its member sites representation within comScore’s audience data, which is widely used among buyers and sellers. ADamigo will also be able to provide clients with key analytics about targeted audience for digital campaigns, gaining valuable insight into the demographic profile of the consumer and helping to figure out the most effective sites.

ADamigo will also use comScore vCE for digital campaign evaluation to deliver an incisive evaluation into the degree to which impressions reach the campaign target audience.

“By having the comScore data, ADamigo will be able to better meet the changing needs and desires of our diverse clients,” ADamigo Director of Sales and Marketing, Digital and Print Media Michele Lauer said. “With it, ADamigo will be able to provide real-time data to help identify the best sites out there for their digital campaigns. I look forward to helping ADamigo bring this powerful, insightful data to current and future clients.”

About ADamigo
ADamigo, located in downtown Boise, Idaho, officially launched with a ribbon-cutting on September 3rd of 2013. The business is focused on the growing and influential Hispanic community in the United States, offering publishers around the United States the opportunity and the tools to market and sell their available advertising space. ADamigo features easy management, a diverse range of account types, cross-platform and multi-media solutions, insightful statistics and analysis, performance reporting and a real-time graphical dashboard.

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