NEW YORK, NY – December 9, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Mukti Banerjee, Chef and owner of Mukti’s Kitchen in Brooklyn, announces new dates for her Indian cooking group classes at her home in Brooklyn, as well as two new class formats, Private One-on-One Sessions and Group Cooking Classes at Your Home. Mukti’s cooking classes, which include traditional recipes with a modern healthy twist, can be booked visiting:

“One of the biggest satisfactions for me has been receiving so much positive feedback from happy customers who appreciate my home, my knowledge of Indian cuisine, as well as my recipes, while at the same time enjoying their time by meeting new people. I’ve even had a couple marry after meeting in one of my classes,” said Mukti, who’s originally from Calcutta, India.

Both new class offerings are born from popular demand, because Mukti has only done these in the past by special request. The inspiration for the One-on-One Classes, for example, came from Mukti getting a request from a woman in Finland who wanted to visit NYC only to learn Indian food from her. After 10 individualized classes, Mukti really enjoyed having the opportunity to share so much knowledge and technique about Indian food, while the student was able to go at her own pace and go in depth with the process.

For the past four years, Mukti’s Kitchen has offered a unique experience to hundreds of satisfied customers who enjoy a unique blend of cooking, learning, mingling and eating. The learning aspect is not only limited to the steps of cooking a full Indian meal, but also, Mukti teaches guests about the health benefits of spices, like cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric, which are popular ingredients found in Indian cuisine.

Mukti’s Kitchen also offers half-day shopping plus cooking classes, as well as catering services.

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About Mukti’s Kitchen:

Mukti Banerjee, Chef & owner of Mukti’s Kitchen, teaches how to prepare healthy and delicious Indian food in hands-on cooking classes at her home in Brooklyn, as well as in students’ kitchens. Classes are fun and interactive, and bring the essence of India through traditional recipes with a modern twist. Guests not only learn how to cook the meals and mingle with other students, but also learn how Indian spices are good for your health, like treating high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s.