LOS ANGELES, CA – March 8, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Miss Garrison is currently one of Chile’s greatest music treasures that will be stepping on North American soil again to make debut at SXSW and present new single “Al Sol De Anoche” in two performances in Austin on Wednesday, March 16 at the Sledge Hammer and on Saturday, March 19 at Maggie’s Mae. The trio is led by the eerie and enigmatic voice of Francisca Straube, who also plays the drums and keyboards, joined by Rodrigo De La Rivera (guitar and vocals) and Tomas Rivera (bass, synthesizers and baselines). Together, they are one of the most promising bands in the new wave of Chilean bands.

Since their formation in Santiago, Chile in 2009, Miss Garrison has captured the attention of specialized media and critics, and are an essential part of the Continent’s most active and vivacious music scene for the past recent years. Their sound is based on genres such as electro pop, post rock and ambient, giving the music a dark and seductive vibe that is hard to forget. In 2010, Miss Garrison released their first album entitled “Tire y Empuje” which set off their career in both their native country and in Argentina.

A couple of years later, Miss Garrison decided to move to Spain, where they composed their second album meanwhile were started to be known in Switzerland and Germany. Residing between Barcelona and Madrid, the members composed and developed a new sound for the band, creating an album completely different from their first and from what was previously expected of Miss Garrison. This new and acclaimed album called “deAaB” contained a new approach, both aesthetically and sonically. It was the result of a transit process between locations and sounds, this time making it move between analog and electronic.

In 2014, the trio released “Land of Aloha”, an EP recorded and mastered in New York City (USA), in the widely known Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn. During this year the group also recorded a music video, released a limited edition 7” vinyl collection, and signed a contract with Ponk Records, an independent label based in Brooklyn, NY.

The participation of Miss Garrison in prestigious festival stages in South America (Festival Hermoso Ruido, Mystery Land, Lollapalooza) led them to excellent performance reviews and brought them international attention. The band is currently in the middle of mixing their third album “Al Sol De Noche” which will be released in spring of this year, and about to begin their tour in Mexico before heading off to their performances in SXSW.