HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 25, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – LatinHeat Media Institute (LHMI), a nonprofit organization in association with Raquela Mejia’s RM Productions will co-present the premiere and launch party for the song and music video, Mantra For Good People, on Wednesday, July 27th, at the Charlie Chaplin Theater on the Raleigh Studios lot located at 5300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Mantra, a part Gospel, Hip Hop, Rap song, was written by Tom Van Ruiten, who one day found himself feeling suffocated with all the negative rhetoric against people and humanity. The song will be available on premiere evening on iTunes for .99 cents and streaming music video on www.latinheatcinema.com for $1.99. Proceeds will benefit nonprofit children and young adult performing arts programs and the LHMI.

The Mantra for Good People music video premiere is presented as part of LHMI’s LatinoMediaVisions initiative whose mission is to showcase and develop entrepreneurial Latino Media Makers. The screening also includes the short film Chub, directed by Samuel Albis. Chub is film about bullying and will screen before the big Mantra music video reveal.

Mejia, a former professional singer and music coordinator, discovered a song a few years ago and knew she would one day record it. The right time had come to release this magnificent song as a reminder of all the good people who work daily in their efforts to improve humanity. She discovered Van Ruiten’s song five years ago, and knew she would one day produce it. When the negative rhetoric against people in our country and abroad started, she knew the time had come to record it.

“I contacted my friends, talented vocalist and musicians to help me, and without hesitation they all jumped on board,” recalled Mejia. “Just about everyone participating donated their talent and time.”

On January 9th, over a dozen singers gathered at Abstract Studios in Glendale to record it in English. A week later, performers gathered again to record the Spanish version. The singers flew in from all over the nation and abroad, paying for their own transportation because, “It was important that we remind America and the world, that we are all of the human race and the majority are ‘good people’ who inspire compassion, empathy and humanity,” said Mexican singer, Dinorah.

Argentinean born lead singer, Natalie Fernandez, echoed liked sentiments: “The fact that in 2016 a song like ‘Mantra’ is something so new and refreshing speaks volumes about the state of the entire culture. Singers came together to lend their voices to an idea or concept that gives their audience hope, joy, and knowledge.”

YouTube singing sensation and Hostile Border film actress, Veronica Sixtos said she did not hesitate to participate because she loves the positive vibe of entire project. “It was so honestly refreshing to be a part of this amazing song. It felt great knowing that you’re partaking in an effort to inspire and empower people through music—what a great way to respond to the unfortunate high profile rhetoric happening today against people.”

Singer, songwriter, actress, rapper, activist and international recording artist, Maria Isa, flew in from Minnesota. During the recording session, it was obvious that the song needed a rap bridge, and Mejia turned to Maria Isa. It took less than 20 minutes to write a profound addition that magically just fit and worked to perfection. In 2015, Maria Isa starred in David Llauger Meislman’s Strike One, a film starring Danny Trejo and Johnny Ortiz.

Award-winning guitarist, Michael Thompson, who first caught our attention when he played guitar for the TV series Fame, soundtrack of Waiting to Exhale, and with a long list of high profile credits—did not hesitate to be a part of Mantra song.

Mejia’s long-time friend, five-time Latin Grammy Award Winner Kenny O’Brien, also did not hesitate to collaborate. “Sometimes, no matter what your profession is, if there is an opportunity to give back to an industry that has been so good to you and at the same time help uplift and bring about goodwill, then it is essential to help,” O’Brien avowed.

O’Brien, a legend in his own right is also an accomplished singer, producer and vocal arranger and has worked on Michael Bublé Christmas album, Celine Dion, Johnny Mathis, Enrique Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Lionel Ritchie, Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Destiney’s Child. O’Brien has also worked on music scores for films such as The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Assassins, You’ve Got Mail, That Old Feeling, Sesame Street, and a few episode of the classic Frazier TV sitcom. He has also been successful in the commercial entertainment industry and produced and arranged music for popular brands such as Coca- Cola, Coors Beer, Target, Pepsi Cola, Miller Genuine Draft, McDonalds and the California Lottery.

RM Productions was honored to have the sponsor support of L.A. real estate firm, Lowell & Vanderbilt, LLC partners, Cesar Melendrez and Paul Argueta, who also serve as Executive Producers for the al-English video production. http://www.lowellvanderbilt.com. A second important sponsor is real estate entrepreneur, Sonia Cabrera, from Sonia Cabrera Group, whose contribution goes toward the launch party. Air flight tickets sponsored by businesswoman Victoria Rodriguez Gurfein.

“It was important to attract sponsors with like empathy and compassion for humanity,” declared Mejia. Beverage and spirits sponsor is by Rémy Martin, publicity by Espada Herrera & Associates, and Hot Mess Cocktail Dress.

Event Details:

“Mantra For Good People”
Song Release, Music Video Screening
Wednesday, July 27, 2017, 6PM to Midnight
Charlie Chaplin Theater at Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Evening Schedule:

5:30 PM Press Arrivals
6:00 PM Red Carpet
7:10 PM Welcome
7:15 – 7:45 PM Chub Screening
7:45 – 7:50 PM Recognition of Chubs Filmmakers & Cast
7:50 PM Bel Hernandez Intro of Mantra Video
7:55 to 8:15 PM Mantra For Good People Screening
8:15 PM Raquela Mejia Intro of Manta Singers, Crew, Q&A
9:00 to 11:30 PM Mantra For Good People Launch Party

Mantra For Good People Performers:
Alana Nikole, Natalie Fernandez, Annaliza Torres, Maria de Barros, Dinorah, Maria Isa, Carlos Mario, Leandro Castillo, Adan Castillo, Veronica Sixtos, Jacob Kelso, Dylan Garcia, Ralph Dudley, Vanessa Verduga, Karin, Amber Garcia, Deadra Stanley, Stella Milano, Mila Nieves, Michelle Chel, Chris Chatham

Voice Over Artists: Alejandro Vargas Lugo, Arturo Gonzalez, Maurice Taylor

Vocal Arranger/Music Producer:
Kenny O’Brien

Producer: Raquela Mejia

Executive Producers/English Video:
Cesar Melendrez, Paul Argueta, Lowell & Vanderbilt LLC

Music Video Director:
Arturo Zuniga

Music Editor: BLC Studios

Mastering: John Greenham

English Songwriter:
Tom Van Ruiten

English Rap Bridge: M.I. Perez/Maria Isa (BMI)

Spanish Songwriters: Raquela Mejia, Natalie Fernandez, Anna Lopez

Spanish Rap Bridge: M.I. Perez/Maria Isa (BMI)

Musicians: Michael Thompson, Louis Mendez, Jessie Rhodes, Doug Boulware, Mark Einhorn, William Crutchfield, Andrew Flores

Sign Language: Kookie Williams

Film Crew: Julien Perez, Wyatt Irmen, Landon Carter, Emi Aguirre, Lara Aguirre, Leslie Rincon, Danh Vuong

Recording Studio: Abstrack Studios, Glendale, CA

Craft Services: Deanne Young, Carmen Martinez

Production Coordinator: Lupita Ybarra Smith

Guitars Sponsor: Gibson USA

Photo Credits: Julie Carmen/Robert Sturman, Liza Pano, Araceli Ofelia, Brianna Tapia, Heather Osborn, Casandra Moreno Lombera/Uganda Mission/Amie Acuña, Alejandra Chavez, Tom Van Ruiten, Marilla Perez, Fabiana De Lucca, Rory Castillo, Mar Medina, Angel Guzman Garcia, Maria Isa/JMS Photos, Daniella Mejia

Video Credits: Erika Hernandez, Michelle Chel/Hacienda Records

Public Relations:
Elia Esparza, Espada Herrera & Associates

Mantra Angels: Wayne and Daniella Mejia, Bel Hernandez/LatinHeat Media Institute, BeLisa Serna, Sonia Cabrera, Jordan Strowder/Sotarica LLC, Mary Chuy, Maria Mandril Hernandez, Jesus and Olivia Rocha, Maclovio Perez III, Sabina Rose Rodriguez

Mantra Sponsors: Lowell & Vanderbilt LLC, Sonia Cabrera Group, Access Badge, Latin Heat Magazine, Remy Martin, Espada Herrera & Associates, Eva Bello at HMCD, Gibson USA Guitars, Air Flight Tickets by Victoria Rodriguez Gurfein, City National Bank

“Mantra For Good People” is a nonprofit project co-presented by LatinHeat Media Institute. Profits will benefit children’s performing arts programs and LHMI.

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, “Mantra For Good People” song can be purchased on iTunes and video can be streamed on www.latinheatcinema.com.