COLUMBUS, OH – February 4, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Highlights for Children, the leading family media brand and publisher of the best-read children’s magazines in North America, and the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN), the first U.S. Hispanic, non-commercial, Spanish-language media company delivering education programming, are launching a multi-platform partnership designed to cross language barriers and connect with families. Working together to distribute educational dual language content, Highlights for Children and HITN will support Hispanic parents’ desire to strengthen and maintain their child’s first language as they learn English.

Increasing numbers of Hispanic families are ensuring that their children learn both Spanish and English. Furthermore, bilingualism is an early learning advantage—research continues to show that dual language learners who become fluent in two languages do better in school.

In fall 2014, Highlights launched High Five Bilingüe, the first and only magazine developed specifically for early learners (ages 2-6) to encourage Spanish bilingual language development. As part of the new partnership with HITN, co-branded High Five Bilingüe magazines will be distributed to and by partners that share Highlights and HITN’s passion for enabling dual language early childhood learning. Partners include the Abriendo Puertas, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Programs for Parents and the National Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Association.

“When we discovered Highlights’ High Five Bilingüe magazine, we were so impressed by the quality of the content and its potential for supporting the needs of dual language learners,” said Ed Greene, vice president, partnerships and community development, HITN. “Highlights clearly shares our mission, and by combining their content with our resources and knowledge, we can support families in ways that neither one of us can do alone.”

Additionally, the partnership will provide multi-media content for kids, parents and caregivers featuring educational bilingual content provided by Highlights and produced for broadcast by HITN-TV. Highlights and HITN will also co-produce training materials to help parents, educators and caregivers to enhance their interactions with dual language learners.

“Highlights is committed to helping dual-language children develop their native Spanish language while learning English,” said Beth Allen, vice president, partnerships and business development, Highlights for Children. “HITN shares our passion, and by partnering, we’ll be able to make an even greater impact and further help families who wish to raise children in a dual language household.”

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About Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.
The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), ( established in 1983, is America’s only Spanish-language, nonprofit, public service media network. At HITN, we work to advance the educational, cultural and socio-economic aspirations of U.S. Latinos through quality, authentic programming on air, online and on the ground in communities. No other Latino-focused organization combines the power of national television with an unprecedented commitment to community-based initiatives designed to empower Hispanic individuals and families. Through these initiatives we connect schools, homes and community-based organizations with educational content and the connectivity and technology to access and utilize that content.

About Highlights for Children
Devoted to “Fun with a Purpose,” family media brand Highlights for Children, Inc. ( has helped children become their best selves for generations. In addition to the flagship magazine for children 6-12, Highlights’ other offerings include a Highlights High Five™ magazine for children 2-6; High Five Bilingüe™, an English/Spanish version of High Five magazine, for children ages 2-6; Highlights Hello™ magazine for children 0-2 and their parents; a children’s book company (Boyds Mills Press), puzzle book clubs and a variety of digital products.