MIAMI, FL – August 11, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – When Latino entrepreneurs and self-employed are looking for a business ownership opportunity, breaking into the residential cleaning industry may not be the first thing that comes to mind, for many. But with the cleaning business industry growing every year, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a growth of about 6% per year, it’s clear that there’s room for business owners and franchise unit operators to tap into this growth and make the segment their own.

That’s why more and more people are deciding to franchise with Maid Right. In Miami, for instance, Maid Right is positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for residential cleaning services across Miami-Dade County. And it’s clear that its concept is catching on among consumers and business owners alike. Right now, the Maid Right team is made up of 12-unit franchisees that serve over 300 customers. But despite that initial success, Maid Right Miami knows that there’s still room for growth.

Maid Right recognizes the potential its unique franchisee business model has for hard working Latinos who want to own a cleaning business without the risks associated with independent cleaning services. “Unit franchisees have the opportunity to launch a home-based franchise for as little as $1,600, where they go into people’s homes and clean them, ultimately creating relationships with customers in their local communities,” said Master Franchise Owner of Maid Right Miami.

With consumer demand for residential cleaning services at an all-time high, Maid Right’s growth potential is seemingly limitless. But the benefits of Maid Right system don’t stop there—the franchise has created a system that allows Latino families to grow a local business in their own local communities while having the opportunity to be a part of an incredibly rewarding business ownership experience.

In an article published on, Sebastian Aroca, Managing Partner with Hispanic Market Advisors, a specialized agency that provides Hispanic Marketing for Franchises, explains why franchise ownership among Hispanics will continue to grow. Aroca says. “The residential cleaning category appears to be a great fit for Latinos who want to start their own business in their local communities. Franchise unit owners enjoy the opportunity to earn higher income while enjoying the stability and security the residential cleaning industry provides.”

Maid Right expects to continue developing the brand across Miami. The brand is planning to add between ten and twelve new unit franchisees to his system this year, ultimately enhancing the brand’s support system and network in South Florida.

Find out in some of the real stories from people who are already growing their cleaning business in Miami, FL.

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A Note on Terminology
The terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” are used interchangeably in this press release.

About Maid Right:
Maid Right Franchising, LLC is a professional-grade home cleaning subsidiary of Premium Franchise Brands LLC. It was founded in April 2013 and today has operations in United States and Canada. Maid Right’s owner-operator business model, branded processes, and advanced cleaning services are adopted from their sister company JAN-PRO, a leading international commercial cleaning company. For more information, please contact: .