Miami, FL—March 31, 2014—(HISPANICIZE WIRE) — Los Tweens & Teens, the only multicultural and bilingual platform helping parents survive and thrive with children ages 7-17, has announced the expansion of its Board of Experts. Together these women will contribute ongoing content to the growing Los Tweens & Teens media platform with expert tips, ideas and resources for parents in areas related to sports, education and emotional well-being.

Launched in 2011, Los Tweens & Teens continues on its mission to generate content that supports Latino and multicultural parents to understand the unique issues surrounding this age phase and how to motivate their children to achieve their best success. The site has become the go-to resources for parents to navigate these difficult, formidable years that are often not discussed by other parenting resources.

“We’re excited to welcome this group of accomplished professionals who have achieved tremendous success and are motivated to help parents guide their children through the often challenging years of tweens and teens.”

The distinguished board of experts includes:

Noemi Lung Zaharia: Two-time Olympic medalist and founder of AQIndex, Inc., a revolutionary athletic testing company, Zaharia is originally from Romania and fluent in three languages. She will focus her efforts on creating content that focuses on sports to help build positive self-esteem and motivation in kids as they grow.

Kathryn M. Nuñez: An elementary school teacher with a specialization in English for fifth through ninth grade and first-generation Latina of Cuban descent, Nuñez has been contributing to the platform since 2012. She will continue to offer specific insights as an educator to help parents overcome the challenges children face as they enter grade three through middle school, as well as other topics related to current educational issues.

Lina Acosta Sandaal: Program Director of The Nest Emotional Wellness Center in Miami, Sandaal is a bilingual Latina who will build on her expertise and training as a professional counselor to provide tips on overcoming the many emotional issues facing tween and teens, with special emphasis on helping parents from diverse backgrounds.

“We’re excited to welcome this group of accomplished professionals who have achieved tremendous success and are motivated to help parents guide their children through the often challenging years of tweens and teens,” said Cristy Clavijo-Kish and Katherine Doble-Cannata, co-founders and publishers of the Los Tweens & Teens platform.

In addition to their contributions online, Cristy and Katherine will be working with this team to produce in-market events to continue building a supportive community of parents from diverse backgrounds who face similar hurdles with their growing children.

Los Tweens & Teens Board of Experts

The Los Tweens & Teens Board of Experts are professionals representing various important areas that impact the daily lives of tweens, teens and their parents. From coaches, doctors, counselors and teachers to other moms who have raised and are raising children in this key developmental stage from 7-17 years old. Our experts want to help guide the content that parents and guardians need to raise self-confident, healthy and successful tweens and teens. The Board is completely voluntary. To nominate yourself or someone in your community that can lend their expertise to our mission, please send information to: [email protected]

About Los Tweens & Teens

Los Tweens & Teens ( is a bilingual blog resource site dedicated to connecting parents with culturally-inspiring content they can review, create and share together with their tweens and teens kids ages 7-17. The media company also coordinates local in-market events and offers youth marketing consulting. For the latest Los Tweens updates, connect with them on social media: Facebook Twitter @LosTweens or YouTube.

About the Board of Experts – Bios

Noemi Lung Zaharia is an Olympic Medalist in Swimming during the 1988 and 1992 summer games where she earned Silver and Bronze medals in the 400 IM and 200 IM competition. She is a World Record holder in 9 events, European Record Holder in the 400IM and Ranked #1 in the World for various races in 1986, 1987 and 1988. She has won numerous European Championships including- 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze and was the National Champion in Romania- over 400 times and was a National Record Holder- over 500 records- from age 8 up to senior. Noemi has more than 20 years of coaching experience where she has recruited, coached and helped qualify four swimmers for the 1996 Olympic Games and many championships across Europe and South America. In her current role she is a founding member and owner of 5 Start Sports Consulting and networking and co-owner of AQIndex, a revolutionary athletic testing company owned and developed by Olympians who will be offering unique summer camp programs starting June 2014.

Kathryn M. Núñez is a certified 5th grade teacher with over nine years of experience and a specialization in English for fifth through ninth grade. She currently teaches in a private school and is developing several papers on education-related issues.

Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA, program director of The Nest in Miami began her career at Vista del Mar in Los Angeles. There, she developed expertise in child and adolescent development and infant and early childhood mental health, while strengthening her resolve to support families in crisis. She has trained and participated in research studies with Yale’s Minding the Baby, National Child Traumatic Stress Network, and Child Trauma Research Program. She brings this expertise to her work as program director of The Nest.

For more information about Los Tweens & Teens, please contact Cristy or Katherine at 305-318-0837 or via email at [email protected]