TAMPA, FL – November 4, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Listas Locales, the most comprehensive online directory is the preeminent and most convenient tool for Hispanics searching their local area for product and service needs.

One of the many features of convenience for Hispanic users is www.listaslocales.com unique algorithm, which refines Spanish search terms and translates them for our users between our platform and ISPs such as Google.

Listas Locales returns local search results specifically tailored to what a Spanish speaker is seeking. For example, a product search term such as “llantas” (tires) put into Google search to find the best tire services in their area will not return local tire dealers close and convenient to the person searching. However the same term put into www.Listaslocales.com, will return specifically tire dealers in the user’s area of shopping convenience. This same search process is also available by downloading their free app in Apple or Android under Listas Locales for all mobile devices. Another matter of convenience for users and clients is that the entire site is built in responsive design. When the site is accessed from any device it will automatically scale itself in size to the individual device from smart phones, Tablets and everything in between.

The unique algorithm behind this powerful tool helps users find the best businesses without having to add a zip code, city or further description. It geo locates each user and delivers what is nearby them. They of course can change locations and search any city in the US with the same degree of convenience and accuracy.

Just a single word, relevant to what the user is looking for and Listas Locales opens up a wide range of services and nearby places that are not often listed or appear as a search result on online tools such as Google.

Miriam Mastrapa, a user in New York says, “I recommend Listas Locales because it is very beneficial. You find useful information such as good lawyers and local phone numbers.”

Luz Lara from Dallas, Texas affirms, “With Listas Locales you can everything you’re looking for and more!”

Listas Locales is also a powerful marketing tool for local businesses wanting to reach out to the growing Hispanic market. Listas Locales does so by exposing their services through fast, visually striking and easy to navigate platforms.

Listas Locales’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Devin affirms that, “We are in business to provide the finest Hispanic consumer user experience and advertising results by connecting local buyers and sellers together through convenient, accurate and useful online and mobile media platforms”.

Besides useful and accurate search results, users can always find an exciting contest running, informative blogs and helpful links at listaslocales.com.

Listas Locales invites businesses to try their services by taking advantage of their free 45-day trial offer. Users can visit the site and go to advertising to build their personalized business package today.

Listas Locales is Jeff Devin’s recent work of art. Jeff is a pioneer in the Spanish language publishing business starting one of the nation’s first Hispanic Yellow page print directories back in 1990. Between 1990 and 2004 the directory business flourished and grew from one directory to 6 successful directories between major Hispanic markets in Florida and Texas. The company was sold in 2004 to an equity firm.

Addressing the changing landscape of the Hispanic media industry, Hispanic Local Search LLC D/B/A Listas Locales, was formed shortly thereafter to fill a much-needed void in the market place.

Listas Locales corporate offices are located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area in Florida. The Listas Locales team is formed by experienced professionals that pride in the quality of services offered by their product and company. To reach a Listas Locales representative, please call 877-563-0110 or email [email protected]