SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 10, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – Pandocap, a leading financial media company, will provide the platform for a one-hour international broadcast honoring the U.S. Hispanic community on Sept. 14, 2020, at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

The program format will be both sophisticated and informal in tone, giving leaders in our community the opportunity to celebrate our Hispanic heritage. Current participants include Claudia Romo Edelman (We Are All Human), California Lutheran University, Henry R. Munoz III (Momento Latino), Ana Valdez (Latino Donor Collaborative), and many more.

The broadcast will give those groups who are traditionally excluded from this landscape – specifically Latinx communities, women, and other minority groups – inspiration and ideas regarding financial literacy and education.

“We want to champion the Latino voice to be heard and seen worldwide as a powerful economic force,” said Laura Lucas, founder and CEO of Pandocap. “We will culminate with a call to action at the end to Vota con Amor which is a nonpartisan effort to have a historic voter turnout in the Latino community.”

Full program information and guests can be found at Pandocap.

Other data points for the program:

— Only 3.8 percent of the industry’s more than 87,000 accredited professionals are black or Latino, according to the Certified Financial Planners board

— The total number of women running Fortune 500 firms to a record high of 38, reports Fortune.

— Women make up less than 8% of the leaders on the Fortune 500 list, and none of those women are Black or Latina. When looking at the overall C-suite, women comprise only a fifth of these roles despite making up nearly half of the entry-level workforce.

About Pandocap
Pandocap is a financial media company demystifying the capital markets, bringing quick clips, and easy-to-understand information to an international audience. Targeting Latinx communities in a bilingual format, its mission is to give them equal access to top-line intelligence.