ST. JOHNS, FL – April 20, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – New Innovative Group Consultants, LLC announced today the launch of Leafy Gram, a new first-of-its-kind social networking app aimed exclusively at an audience aged 21+. They are marking 4/20 by opening up the platform for initial sign-ups, and the app is officially slated to launch in Summer 2020 in California and Puerto Rico.

Leafy Gram was created to fill a long-standing need for millions of consumers and businesses who are seeking a deeper understanding of cannabis, the role it plays in society, and the increasing impact it will have on our lives in the coming years.

For years, these individuals have been engaged in conversations about things like the best places to go for cannabis, who the best growers are, and where the friendliest locations are for users.

However, until Leafy Gram’s launch, there has been no centralized platform for this dialogue.

“The legal cannabis industry in the United States is currently estimated around $20 billion, with projections close to $100 billion in North America and could reach over a $1 trillion globally within the next 10 years”, said Earl Phillip, President & CEO of Leafy Gram.

“That unprecedented growth is due to an increase in states legalizing use, which is quickly attracting a passionate, highly diverse base of new users – including women, millennials, and Baby Boomers. They’re all hungry for information, insights, and opinions, and Leafy Gram will be the robust, highly interactive platform they’re seeking. We’re truly excited to provide the community with this new resource,” he said.

Leafy Gram will be a place to discuss every cannabis-related topic, from medicinal, recreational, and business, to health and wellness, culinary and advocacy. It will enable users to connect with their existing friends and family, make new connections, and find out about offline events, businesses, and destinations – all within an environment that prioritizes privacy. (One of Leafy Gram’s most unique features: they will not share information about its users without permission.)

Lastly, Leafy Gram will provide a wide range of advertisers with their first opportunity to reach a valuable social community, thanks to its twenty-one-and-over audience. While other platforms lack an age-qualified audience, making it illegal for many business categories to place ads, Leafy Gram will provide a legal and highly relevant environment for customized advertising and sponsorships.

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About Leafy Gram:
Leafy Gram is a new social networking platform built for a global audience of millions who are passionate about or simply intrigued by the world of cannabis – but who are currently lacking an appropriate environment to exchange information, share experiences, and elevate the conversation. The app will officially launch in Summer 2020.

“Leafy Gram is Where the Cannabis Community Connects. “