MIAMI, FL – September 26, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – A stand-up comedy that tries to explain with humor the particular female behavior and the relationship that women have with beauty and the ideal body. It explains why women take so long to get ready, why it costs so much money to be a woman and why women, day by day, push ourselves to be better. In “Forever Talla 2” men will understand a little more what it means to be a woman.

An original idea of Laura Termini with the direction of Colombian Leandro Fernández where the comedy is mixed with the audacity of a unipersonal stand-up.

“Forever Talla 2” is a comedy play stand up where I make fun of myself, my flaws and my insecurities as a woman, the audience is my first and last motivation. This play is taken from one of the subjects I speak of in my book “Realmente Unica.” With Leandro Fernández as director, with whom I had already worked in “Mujeres de Par en Par, Hombres de Bar en Bar,” and “El Detective,” with a full room for several seasons. I also have the help of Tiranube Entertainment ”

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October 7th
October 14th
October 21st
October 28th

About Laura:
She started her career in Venezuela as one of the most important figures of entertainment for 20 years. With two decades already in Miami, more than 15 telenovelas, movies, theater productions and a successful career as a hispanic announcer, she has also been an influencer for 9 years with her multi awarded blog with half a million followers on social media for which she was recognized by the White House and UN for her contribution to the Hispanic community as a woman entrepreneur.

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