MIAMI, FL – November 13, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – For the third year in a row, Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) has recognized Laura Termini as one of the 2014 Top Latina Blogger Influencers in the country.

Last year, the top Latina voices of the country went to New York to the United Nations and the previous year to The White House to discuss key issues affecting their communities and they made their influential voices heard loud and clear.

Laura Termini is committed through her brand, Natural, Orgánica y Latina,, to change the way we relate ourselves to Food, Beauty and the Planet; with alternatives to live a better life and feel good. ChicaNOL is a women-owned business that leads communities of bloggers with exemplary leadership.

The Top Bloguera recognition includes a technological training and the opportunity to travel to Anaheim, California from November 13 to the 16th to be part of a special retreat.
This year’s sponsors are Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Google, Univision, AARP and AT&T.

Laura Termini SPOTLIGHT:

2014/2012/2013 US Top Latina Blogger by LATSM

2014 Telemundo’s 100 Powerful Influencers #YSEI

2014 “The Honey Board” Spokesperson

2013/2012 Board Certified Health/Beauty Counselor AADP

2013/2012 Certified by LATISM as a TopLatina Blogger

2013/2012 Hispanicize Speaker

2013 Green Life Miami Spokesperson

2012 Producer/Talent daily wellness segment, show Breakfast Contigo Azteca America

2012 Niche Mommy Spotlight

2011 Woman of the week Noti Mujer CNN Latino

2011 AOL and The Huffington Post Spotlight

2011 St Jude Influencer Corner

2009 “25 Myths 25 Realities “Aids Campaign Spokesperson

About Laura Termini:
Laura works with clients to create dynamic segments for both the Internet and National Broadcast. She is also a Brand Ambassador and a spokesperson of brands. Her work includes CNN español, Telemundo, Univision radio, Caracol, Jonhson’s Naturals, Green Irene, Soyjoy Bars, Neutrogena Natural’s, Comfort for baby, Sears, Grapes of California, The National Honey Board, CoffeeMate, Genesis, Aveeno, among others.

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Twitter: @LauraTermini