SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 28, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The Latino Startup Alliance (LSA), a leading community of Latino tech startups and entrepreneurs founded in Silicon Valley, announced today it has selected a new national president as part of its continued effort to build a strong support network of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and mentors.

“We are both excited and proud to announce a new milestone in our mission to encourage the inspiration and cultivation of U.S. Latino led technology startup ventures and to accelerate LSA’s national footprint,” said Jesse Martinez, Cofounder, Co­chair & CEO. “Jose, our first LSA Director for the Central Coast and a mainstay in entrepreneurial communities, together with his character, makes him a great LSA leader. Effective immediately, this transition represents an expanded focus aimed to position LSA as a true catalyst for Latinos who wish to participate in the world of Silicon Valley and tech under the leadership of Jose.”

“It takes a village to ensure the cultivation of a vibrant and diverse startup engine,” said Jose Huitron, LSA’s national President and Co­Founder of Crowdismo, a new venture accelerating access to capital for minority founders. “We are at a cornerstone juncture and unique moment to continue shaping the narrative of minority entrepreneurship in America and it is truly a privilege to take on this exciting leadership role.”

The Latino Startup Alliance will continue to carry forward bold efforts in providing a strong support network building on its three pillars of awareness, access and acceleration. The organization has outlined several key goals for 2015 critical to sparking new entrepreneurial success stories and expanding diversity in tech:

— Utilize data and innovative platforms to expand the narrative of minority entrepreneurship and provide tools for sustained impact.

— Unveil an expanded chapter strategy to build a lasting footprint and national framework for founder support.

— Host a calendar of action­oriented events built to facilitate resource sharing, inspire momentum, accentuate best practices, develop partnerships, and fuel active discussion.

— Celebrate and champion success stories building a community hub for leading founders to inspire the next generation of successful startups.

About the Latino Startup Alliance (LSA)
LSA is committed to building the foundation that fosters an ecosystem to support Latino tech entrepreneurs and future innovators by providing a community of peers, resources, mentors, & investors.

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