NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 7, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – After the great success received in theaters in Miami, the dark comedy “Mitad y Mitad” written by Jordi Gómez Sánchez and Pep Anton reaches the New York theater productions this season. Starring Gabriel Porras and Roberto Manrique, two charismatic and talented actors from telenovelas, and directed by Venezuelan Manuel Mendoza, “Mitad y Mitad” will be showcased at Teatro SEA starting April 9 and will serve as the launch of the campaign’s conquest, which will bring to the Big Apple plays such as Toc-Toc, Taxi, Confessions of the Penis and Vagina Monologues.

“With our campaign La Conquista, and this first production, we want to bring a fun and different theater proposal with well-known and beloved Latin artists”

“With our campaign La Conquista, and this first production, we want to bring a fun and different theater proposal with well-known and beloved Latin artists”, says Manuel Mendoza. “We are proud of our success in Miami and also hope to conquer the Big Apple and join the group of talented Latinos who are already making quality creative works in the city”, concluded Mendoza. “Mitad y Mitad” tells the story of a mother who has been around too long, with a stroke, the flu and very little desire to die, a son close to 50 with a possessive wife who is half bald, a company that is sinking and his retirement moving farther away, another son reaching 40 who cares, bathes, combs her hair and almost kills her, a Jehovah’s Witness who visits every Wednesday, many bills and little savings, a house to be sold… an endless night, full of unspeakable secrets that have just come to light and cause the crudest confessions.

This comedy will be presented for only two weeks at the Teatro SEA located at 107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002. We invite you to join the countless spectators who have laughed nonstop. For more information about the production, the dates and show times please call 917-602-2949 or visit If you want to know more about how to contribute to the campaign La Conquista, click here:

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Idearium has enlisted Gabriel Porras and Roberto Manrique, two charismatic and talented actors, who are responsible for embodying the characters created by Sánchez and Gómez for this piece. These two men have stolen the hearts of the audience in the U.S. and Latin America with their outstanding performances in countless telenovelas, where their humanity, sincerity, courage and strength have been a major part of all of their characters.

About the cast

Gabriel Porras
One of the leading men of the moment, he began his career in Mexico at Azteca TV’s Telenovela “Tres Veces Sofia” with Lucia Mendez. His histrionic acting and truth has placed him among the top players in this television genre. Since 2003 he settled in the United States and has been involved in Telenovelas such as “El Alma Herida”, “Prisionera” and ” Olvidarte Jamás”. “El Rostro De Analia” in 2008 made him one of the favorite villains of the United States. But his consecration came with the character Mariano Altamira in the super production “Dónde Estas Elisa”. Highlights in film include his role in “La Misma Luna” opposite Kate del Castillo, with whom he was reunited in 2011 in the international super production “La Reina del Sur”. He starred in the telenovela “La Casa de al Lado” and recently had a starring role in “El Señor de los Cielos” one of the highest rating soap operas in the United States. In theater he has participated in “La Movida”, “Crisis de Sexo Opuesto” and “Monologando” in Miami and Puerto Rico, “Toc Toc”, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” among others.

Roberto Manrique
This young and talented Ecuadorian has stolen the hearts of audiences, with a solid career in the world of soap operas. After moving to Colombia and starting his television career in that country, he achieved acclaim with “Victoria”. Then we saw Roberto in “Doña Bárbara” in the role of Maria Nieves, then his first starring role in “Los Victorinos”. His great acting ability and professionalism led him to join the cast of “El Clon” in which he played the young hero Alejandro “Snake” Cortez. “Flor Salvaje” would be his next leading role. Roberto is also a theater lover, his first play was “Cat on the Hot Tin Roof”, then he traveled to Spain to complete his training and was part of the play “Heresy”, then there would be a successful season for the play “Art” in his native Ecuador; he later comes to Miami to join the cast of the lauded and record breaking “Confesiones del Pene”. Today we can enjoy his talent on the small screen of Telemundo, giving life to Kike, in the telenovela “Marido en Alquiler”.





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