BOSTON, MA — October 13, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – As the debate of immigration reform and DACA remains a significant issue in 2017 for the government and the immigrant community in the US, at FitzGerald Law Company, advocating for immigrant welfare and opportunity is something we do on a daily basis. With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close, we would like to share five success stories from Latino Immigrants who obtained immigration benefits despite an increasingly confusing context of immigration policy, and the difficult circumstances they were facing, thanks to the effective representation by our Boston criminal defense and immigration lawyers. It is our hope you learn from these stories, what can be accomplished with the appropriate legal representation, especially if you (or a loved one) are seeking to establish legal residency in the United States.

Note: All the names of our clients in the stories below have been changed to maintain our client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Success Story #1: Marriage Petition and Cancellation of Removal/Deportation

We worked with our client to get all the information required to prepare a marriage residency petition, and prepared Claudia and her husband for the interview. Claudia’s residency based on her marriage was approved and afterwards we helped her remove the conditions of her conditional residency and she obtained legal permanent residency. Unfortunately, her only son, “Julián” was over 21 and could not be included in her applications. Boston Immigration Attorney Desmond P. FitzGerald reviewed the case and advised our client that her son could apply for a cancellation case based on the extreme hardship that his mother would suffer if he got sent back to Colombia. The case was granted and Julián is a permanent resident of the US. Read the full story.

Success Story #2: Cancellation of Removal/Deportation

In 2008, “Ricardo” began a cancellation of removal/deportation case with our Boston law firm as he had been in the U.S. for over 10 years, demonstrated good moral character and had evidence of exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to US citizens if he were deported. During the entire process (2.5 years), our Massachusetts Immigration legal firm collaborated closely with Ricardo to obtain supporting records and affidavits to demonstrate hardship to his U.S. citizen children if he were to be deported from the United States. Read the full story to learn what happened in preparation for the final court date, during trial and after trial. Our client is now a permanent resident of the United States and will be eligible to apply for citizenship in a few years.

Success Story #3: Vacating a Criminal Conviction and obtaining legal Immigration status

Our client “John” had come to the US to get an education and to improve the living conditions of his family. He was able to finish his education in nursing and obtain a good job where he enjoyed helping others. One day, John was accused of sexual assault in criminal court. Upon reviewing the court records and police reports, it became clear to Boston attorney Desmond P. FitzGerald that John had not committed the offense and that he could help him reopen the case, vacate the conviction and defend the case again to prove his innocence. Read the full story to learn what happened. John is now able to attend school events with his children and is no longer in fear of being deported and separated from his family

Success Story #4: Abused husband obtains US residency / Green Card under VAWA

Even though VAWA means Violence Against Women Act, Women abused by their US resident or citizen spouses are not the only ones that can benefit under this law to obtain US legal Permanent Residency. Men abused by their spouses, children abused by parents and parents of children abused by their parents can benefit as well. Read the full story to learn how Boston Immigration Attorney FitzGerald helped Alfonso become a US resident after FitzGerald’s convincing arguments resulted in the VAWA petition approved by the USCIS.

Success Story #5: U.S. Residency for Same Sex Marriage Petition with Defense of a Prior Order of Deportation

Fernando had been ordered deported after his claim of asylum was denied many years ago, so he was very reluctant to submit any additional applications to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). When Fernando’s mother, a United States Citizen, became seriously ill and needed her son’s help to attend her medical appointments, Fernando was granted a temporary waiver to enter the US and care for her. Our Boston immigration and deportation lawyers determined that, since Fernando had obtained a temporary waiver from the Department of Homeland Security to care for his mother, he would be eligible for other immigration benefits such as adjustment of status based on his marriage to his US citizen husband. Read the full story to learn how Fernando is now a permanent resident of the United States and allowed to live permanently with his husband and mother.

our clients’ stories are unique and very different from each other. What they have in common though, is how our immigration lawyers handled their immigration matters successfully helping them obtain immigration benefits to live legally in the United States. We are happy to have achieved some remarkable victories for our clients and their families, and we would be happy to review your case and discuss your options so your own immigration success story may be featured next.

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