MIAMI, FL – February 28, 2018 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The healthcare industry has been inundated with apps that have claimed to improve the communication gap between healthcare professionals. A 2015 HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey found that 90 percent of healthcare professionals now use mobile devices to engage with patients, and that mobile devices are making a strong impact in healthcare for professionals.

Brazilian born Dr. Anisio, his wife Alexandra and their partners Jamie and Jilea Hemmings, a physician/health administrator team, created a first-of- its-kind app called Best Tyme ( Together four life science experts with over 40 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical sales and front-line medicine, are poised to make healthcare history with their startup. The app utilizes the power of technology to enhance communication and increase the effectiveness of patient care.

Modern medicine coexists with, and informs, pharmaceutical research and development efforts. However, as any practicing clinician knows, workday time is precious and even more precious is a doctor’s attention! Most physicians prefer to critically evaluate novel pharmaceutical products and that is best done when meetings with sales reps are concise, convenient, and on-point. The BestTyme app is poised to help doctors take control of when and how they interact with medical sales reps and advance high- quality communication between the two disciplines.

The husband and wife team created the app because they wanted other Physicians to stay informed on pharmaceutical advances, without losing critical efficiency in task-switching from patient care to scheduling. As Best

Tyme, Co-Founder Alexandra Figueiredo says, “Best Tyme has already saved physicians hours a week in scheduling rep visits which in turn provides a huge financial savings. For many offices, interacting and learning from sales representatives before Best Tyme, took far to long.”

A sleek life-hack for life-science professionals the app allows clinicians to set preferences for when and how sales reps meet with them, and sales reps can structure their day by zip-code with an automatic calendar, meals, and even routing function!

Initially launching in the US, the Best Time app is available on iPad, Android & iOS, and web. Free trial downloads are also available on the Apple & Google App stores. Once the trial is complete there is a monthly subscription for the representatives.

“We are thrilled to launch Best Tyme to the market,” said Jilea, Best Tyme’s Co-founder. “Besttyme going to revolutionize how doctors and medical sales representatives schedule appointments.”

The BestTyme app is also designed for sales reps.

With the BestTyme app sales reps can enter the zip code they want to target and instantly generate an full schedule for the day. The app adds GPS routing and food order functions and even lets you update physicians as you go! This is a simple yet powerful way for reps to optimize face-time with clinicians. Not only can they minimize friction with office staff, they can address each client’s preferences for time and setting to make for higher- quality interactions.

This app saves time for busy sales reps. As one Chicago rep said: “In less than 30 minutes, I scheduled 5 new appointments. The best part: I didn’t even make one call!”

With over $200,000 in funding to grow their team and launch a revolutionary product, the Latino innovators, are passionate about providing an essential product that will make a positive impact amongst health professionals and improve patient’s healthcare experiences.

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