NEW YORK, NY – July 17, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The National Association of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology (LISTA) has selected Susana G Baumann, Editor-in-Chief of (LIBizus), as a New York/New Jersey Latina Excellence Award Recipient during the upcoming Latinas Tech Leaders Luncheon at Waterside Restaurant, 7800 River Rd, North Bergen, NJ 07047 on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015.

“We believe we are filling a void in the national arena where Latinas, the fastest growing demographics opening businesses in the USA, are not properly represented and promoted

This year’s Emerging Technology Leadership Forum will concentrate on Latina business, Diversity and Inclusion, STEM Education, Small Business Incubation, Mobility and Technology Trends and shall serve as a learning experience enabling Latina leaders from inside and outside the tech office to develop core competencies in the use of social media and technology, while getting together to discuss issues affecting Latinas in the Technology Industry.

“At the Latina Tech and Leadership Luncheon, LISTA will celebrate those who have reached the highest echelons in their fields and are making outstanding contributions to the business community. The New York/New Jersey Latina Excellence Awards pays tribute to extraordinary women in New York/New Jersey who have committed their professional career and personal life to both entrepreneurship and philanthropy,” said Jose Marquez, LISTA President and CEO.

Over the past decade, there has been a nearly 200 percent increase in Latina-owned businesses, a sign of enormous growth by any measure, especially when compared to the 55 percent increase made by their non-Hispanic female counterparts. Moreover, studies show that Latina business owners have a start-up rate of six times the national average; incredible numbers on behalf of incredible women.

“I’m extremely honored to receive this award from such a prestigious national organization, and excited that our LIBizus platform is getting such amount of attention. We believe we are filling a void in the national arena where Latinas, the fastest growing demographics opening businesses in the USA, are not properly represented and promoted,” Baumann said.

LISTA is committed to developing America’s 21st Century Information Sciences and Technology Workforce and empowering the Latino community with technology to close the digital divide, as well as developing the next generation of Latina tech business. “Words fall short when expressing, in full measure, the indispensable value of America’s Hispanic women,” Marquez said.

Fortunately, however, the numbers speak for themselves:

— Women-owned businesses employ 7.5 million American workers.

— The total economic impact of these businesses exceeds $3 trillion.

— If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the fifth-largest GDP in the world, surpassing global economic powers such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

For more information about the event please visit LISTA website:

About the National Association of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology (LISTA)
LISTA is a not-for-profit organization (501c3) assisting Latino/a technology professionals to advance their careers, their small business and providing inroads for the community at large to take advantage of technology. Through their network currently reaching over 95,000 Latino professionals nationwide, LISTA provides professional development, career mentoring, small business development and technical education opportunities for Latinos across the country. LISTA is a vanguard for change in policies and programs that will lead to the prosperity and inclusion of Latino tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

A multicultural expert, business writer, public speaker and published author, Susana G Baumann is the Director of LCSWorldwide, a multicultural marketing consulting firm based in New Jersey, USA, and the Editor-in-Chief of her company’s new initiative, (LIBizus).

Baumann launched LIBizus in 2014 as an online platform dedicated to the economic empowerment of the Latina working woman. The digital initiative has received the attention and support of Latino and Latina leaders around the country becoming a media partner with the New America Alliance (NAA) American Latina Leadership Caucus, the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the MCRCC Hispanic Business Council, and the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. She is also a member of the USHCC Foundation At the Table Women in Business and Leadership initiative.

In 2015, LIBizus received the Hispanicize Week TECLA Awards for Best Business or Finance Blog. In 2013, Susana was also the recipient of the “Journalist of the Year” award from the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey for her service and advocacy to Latino small businesses. Follow Susana @sbaumann342 @LIBizus and Facebook.