SCOTTSDALE, AZ – May 15, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – South Hill, the Scottsdale based jewelry company, has revealed a new suite of online tools inspired by feedback from artists, hostesses, and customers. South Hill’s line of personalized lockets is marketed through home parties known as “Socials.” Customers select a locket and choose from a growing range of charms, droplets, coins and screens to complete their own unique piece of jewelry.

“South Hill is always listening and implementing ideas from our artists and customers”

In addition to new branding and packaging for its products, South Hill revamped its digital toolbox, putting it once again at the forefront of direct sales companies. Highlights include:

— New digital invitations that allow anyone invited to a Social to shop online, so hostesses won’t miss out on rewards if their guests can’t attend in person.

— An updated online shopping experience including a magnification tool, allowing customers to view the intricate lockets in detail, and a streamlined shopping cart for easier checkout.

— A new dashboard lets artists track ordering, review a history of all hostesses and Socials, assign multiple attendees to a Social and divide an order amongst multiple customers.

— A completely revised online database of training documents and frequently asked questions.

— An improved reporting tool for artists to view their downline promotions, sales, and other figures, making team management more accurate and transparent.

— A digital newsletter showcasing new products and offering fresh ideas for hosting socials or building a rewarding home business.

“South Hill is always listening and implementing ideas from our artists and customers,” says CEO Brian Palmer. “We’re committed to communication and innovation.”

Palmer adds that “South Hill plans to continue rolling out new products and improving the home party experience. ”

About South Hill
South Hill is a jewelry company that enables women to assemble their own jewelry from a selection of lockets, charms, coins, chains and dangles. The company’s products are marketed by independent distributors, known as “Artists,” through private socials held in customers’ homes. The company was launched on February 25th, 2013.