LOS ANGELES, CA – February 22, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Jenny and the Mexicats recently premiered their new song entitled “Sin Tus Estrellas,” the featured song of the Mexican film Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer directed by Enrique Begne and to be released this week in theaters nationwide. The group has also confirmed their exclusive performance in Austin, Texas as part of the SXSW music conference on March 18 at legendary The Continental Club.

Although the group has had previous appearances in this country, this will be the first time they arrive with a clear mission: to conquer this almost unexplored territory for them as they did with Spain, Mexico and South American countries – with their contagious and peculiar musical mix of contemporary folk, flamenco and rockabilly.

The mixture of nationalities, cultures and musical influences of each band member are clearly reflected in the music of Jenny and the Mexicats. The group has a somewhat unusual story of how they came to be, they didn’t plan to have such an adventure together. The group came to be by accident in Madrid, when Mexicans Icho (double bass) and Pantera (flamenco guitar) met English Jenny Ball, a talented trumpeter, vocalist and composer with experience in jazz, classical music and orchestra.

The last to be added to the group was David, and extraordinary Spanish cajonist who had already shared the stage with Pantera in the flamenco world. He joined in the journey with the musicians who met by chance in a neighborhood in Madrid and who debuted as a group in an England festival in 2008. They were received so great by the audience that they made it a task to continue to play in the streets and in small stages until a little later important clubs in Madrid started to open their doors to Jenny and the Mexicats, who by then had their own audience.

Three years after the group’s formation and after they overcame the small but significant language barrier, which made them connect and communicate through the language of music, the group began to receive major awards in Spain. In 2012, Jenny and the Mexicats launched their successful debut album produced by Juan Garcia Alvarez and Juan Pablo Toch. The same album in which the band’s first major successes came from (“Verde Mas Allá”, “Flor” & “Me Voy a Ir”) and which also led them to reach the Gold Record for selling more than 30,000 copies in Spain alone.

The success of this debut album took the group to Mexico, where they currently reside in and where it took little time to be known in the scene, being greatly received by the public. This positive reception placed the band’s songs in popular radio charts and sales. During these early years in Mexico, two of their songs were included in the films: “Labios” in the Mexican movie Amor de Mis Amores, directed by Manolo Caro, and “No Dejes De Quererme,” a cover of the Sonora Santanera, which was included in the film Besos de Azucar, directed by Carlos Cuaron.

In October 2014, the group launched its new album OME (meaning DOS in Nahuatl), which includes composition and arrangements by the band with songs in Spanish and English. The album includes the group’s unique way of fusing musical styles by now including new genres with the tuba, son Veracruzano, reggae, guapango and country, to name a few. The group has had a variety of musical collaborations with huge artists, from the stellar Banda Cañaveral, Sandoval to Juan Solo and La Sonora Santanera, among many others.

Jenny and the Mexicats
’ type of instruments and music style allows them to play both in small shows and in the largest of stages; from acoustic formats to orchestral adaptations and other arrangements. As such, everything that surrounds the group: from their formation, their fusion and their quality of music to the depth of their arrangements and interpretations and combined with the power and connection that the band members have on stage, make them a difficult band to ignore with their first two albums being such excellent presentations so far.