MIAMI, FL – March 7, 2018 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – ‘Janie Flores Live’, a podcast show produced by Buena Vida Media has launched the social media campaign, #TakingCareOfMe, to create awareness of chronic inflammation during National Women’s Month. Janie Flores will conduct a series of Facebook Live interviews with a Medical Dream Team of experts bringing awareness and providing important information on chronic inflammation during the entire month of March. Women are encouraged to post a video on social media sharing how they take care of themselves with the hashtag #TakingCareOfMe.

“Chronic inflammation is a silent killer that many people and in particular women are unaware of. Chronic Inflammation has been found to be the underlying cause of numerous illnesses and diseases which disproportionately affect women like Alzheimer’s, and other grave diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. After learning about the deadly consequences of chronic inflammation I assembled a Medical Dream Team of expert physicians to help me manage my own levels of inflammation. Together we are working to create awareness of this dire situation through social media. This is a call to action for women to take care of their health as a priority and to ask their medical providers to test for inflammation,” expressed Janie Flores, President of Buena Vida Media.

INFLAMMATION is the SILENT underlying cause for many chronic diseases
INFLAMMATION is measured by the levels of C Reactive Protein with a blood test
INFLAMMATION can be prevented and reversed by a lifestyle that includes healthy eating

Schedule of Facebook Live Interviews and Events with the Medical Dream Team:

— March 1st Interview: Dr. Dalian Caraballo, M.D., Your Family MD Primary Direct, Kendall, FL

— March 7th Interview: Dr. Federico J. Martinez, M.D., Healthpark Medical Center, Boca Raton, FL

— March 14th Interview: Expedition to farmers market and grocery store with Alvaro Martinez, certified nutritionist from Healthpark Medical Center and Chef Nitza Mendoza from San Ignacio University – School of Culinary Arts

— March 22nd Interview: William J. Reader, Physical Therapist, Elite Physical Therapy Miami, South Miami, FL

— March 28th Event: Event at San Ignacio University – Business School, Doral, FL with the Medical Dream Team and a group of social media influencers featuring a healthy organic lunch

“We are grateful for the partners who have joined us in bringing awareness of chronic inflammation during National Women’s Month: Your Family MD Primary Care, Healthpark Medical Center, Elite Physical Therapy Miami, LABA (Latin American Business Association), Florida Venture Foundation, Ford Mujeres Legendarias, Dudu Rodrigues Art & Advertising, San Ignacio University Miami, Miami Al Máximo,” said Janie Flores.

About Janie Flores Live:
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