ARLINGTON, TX – December 3, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – Together Direct, a legal service company that simplifies the immigration form-filing process, reiterated its mission to help the immigrant community and improve the immigration system.

After president-elect Joseph Biden’s victory was announced on November 7, the company based in Arlington, Texas reinforced its commitment to help people in their area access immigration benefits.

“In recent years we have faced multiple changes and obstacles that have made the immigration system an increasingly difficult territory for immigrants to navigate, especially if they do not have the right help,” said the founder of Together Direct, Jorge A. Molina.

The current situation, however, represents great hope for the immigrant community in the country. The new administration is expected to adopt new policies and reinforce the unity among the different cultures that make up the American fabric.

It is expected that many of the policies implemented during the Trump administration will be reversed, such as the Prevailing Wage Determination Interim Rule, the Public Charge Rule, the alarmingly high increase in USCIS fee schedule, and the dismantling of the DACA program.

As Mr. Molina highlights, one of the main challenges is tearing down the invisible wall created by the Trump administration. “Mr. Trump’s invisible wall has proven eerily effective at keeping families apart and hamstringing American businesses. Mr. Trump’s invisible wall includes a laundry list of radical policy changes and harebrained regulations designed to stop legal immigration to the United States.”

As a company, Together Direct believes that achieving these changes will also require the effort of citizens. That is why they have planned a series of actions that will help immigrants access immigration benefits easily.

Together Direct was born of the realization that not all the people wanting to complete an immigration process need to spend a fortune on legal advice. That is why, even after creating a tool that makes the immigration filing process simple and intuitive, the company has also offered free services for the Naturalization Application to the first users.

Currently, Together Direct helps users file form I-130 (petition for alien relative), form I-90 (replacement or renewal of permanent resident card), and form N-400 (Application for naturalization). Now, given the more favorable outlook and Mr. Biden’s promise to fully restore the DACA program, work is being done to integrate this option into its services.

With the launch of this new service, Mr. Molina intends to also offer free services to the first users who register on the platform. Not only will this simplify the process, but it will save DACA applicants a lot of money on legal help.

Together Direct works through software in which users can fill out their migration forms without worrying if they will make a mistake. They just need to register and answer a series of simple questions and the platform takes care of the rest by checking the information and putting the right answers in the form.

After providing their biographical information, users receive a customized list of the documents to send to upload to the platform to submit to USCIS, and when they have been uploaded to secure and encrypted cloud storage, a video call is scheduled with an expert immigration attorney who will review their documents in detail and answer any questions the users may have.

Together Direct is responsible for submitting the applications and relevant documents to USCIS, so users don’t need to stress over sending their documents to USCIS.

Unlike other similar platforms, Together Direct was created by an immigration lawyer with extensive experience in the field and it is a complete service that not only seeks to facilitate the filling of forms but also educates and helps users through the whole process.

Currently, Together Direct educates users through its blog, where relevant immigration topics are explained and advice is given to users who are not familiar with them. During this month, there have also been multiple webinars focused on the Latino community and what the current situation means for them.

Jorge Molina highlights the importance of putting pressure on public officials so that the current immigration system can not only be restored but also improved to offer quality attention to the population. Significant enhancements to USCIS digitization are needed to move into the 21st century.

Together Direct is doing its part so that more people can access the immigration benefits they deserve and can live the American dream. Within the next few years, it hopes to continue helping more immigrants and supporting them in obtaining immigration benefits.