LOS ANGELES, CA – October 29, 2019 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Today Ukrainian pop diva NK, who conquered Latin America with her track “Peligroso”, presented a hot new track and video “Elefante”.

NK is in love with Latin American culture and popularizes it in eastern Europe. In her songs she gives Latin American music a completely new sound and style. In her new absolute hit “Elefante” there is an unusual sound, music and text hooks, and its visual story excites our minds and just can’t leave anyone indifferent.

The track sounds fresh and unique. It’s a result of symbiosis of Latin American culture and Ukrainian flavor. There is a fusion of folk instruments, a unique combination of ethnic motifs from different cultures. Melodic fans interlace with groovy Latin American dance rhythms. All these traits create an atmosphere of a colorful carnival spinning in the track “Elefante”. In the song we hear three languages at once: Spanish, English and Ukrainian. NK is a cosmopolitan girl, so she combines cultures, and emphasizes that there are no boundaries for music .

The music video “Elefante” is juicy and bright, its main characters are unique, special as no one else. Glamor, burlesque and a pinch of freakiness are all in this video.

“Elefante” is surreal and full of subtexts, their meaning should be read between the lines. It is meant to show how bright the world can be. The world where everyone remains self, and individuality becomes the main value. NK calls for the appreciation and respect to Diversity in the world. With her music, she spreads all the good, original and happy that is going on in the world.

“In my music I show the world’s diversity, I want to inspire everyone to be open and seek to know the world and all its cultures. In this video, we tried to broadcast the main human values ​​and motivate people to look deeper than a wrapper. Each of us is unique, and I urge everyone to love yourselves as you are! After all, our individuality is a power that can change the world, ”NK shares enthusiastically.

Since childhood, NK has been surrounded by Latin American music and culture, as her parents lived in Mexico for some time, and the first song she remembers to sing was “Cucurrucucú, Paloma”. NK also spent some years in Italy, traveled the world on tour, and now this love to multiculturalism drives her creativity. It was a combination of different cultures in her music that made her a real cosmopolitan girl. The main message she brings to the world is: music unites and has no boundaries.

Ukrainian pop diva represents her country at major Latin American music ceremonies such as Latin Grammy, Person of the Year. With her first Spanish track “Peligroso” and her featuring with De La Ghetto on a remix, she topped the charts of Billboard, Music Choice, MTV3, HTV, the artist proves that her music is international.