COLUMBIA, MD. – November 3, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Savvier Health, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its holistic Spanish health empowerment app, Total en Salud. This app for iPhone and Android phones empowers users to take control of their health and play a vital role in preventing diseases that commonly affect the Latino community, but it is far more engaging than the typical health app. There is something to engage each age group, from young adults on up to their great grandparents. Total en Salud actually makes getting healthy fun.

“Total en Salud takes a complete mind, body, and spirit (Christian) approach to wellness because for many, the need for healing is not just physical”

Users can e-mail friends and family members attractive e-cards right from the app to encourage them to take a healthy action, such as see a physician or get a mammogram. They can even take their own photo using their smartphone camera and overlay a health message over it, making it even more personal. This feature makes the potential for empowerment reach far beyond the person who actually uses the app. Total en Salud will have periodic updates and new e-card options to keep users engaged and empowered to help themselves and others live long and prosper. Another feature of this app is the ability to record and e-mail voice memos. Users can also make notes within the app which they can save or e-mail. “There are a lot of good, hard-working people out there who are struggling to take care of their families and they don’t always have the extra money they need to get the high quality health care they deserve. In addition, many people don’t know where to turn to even get potentially life-saving health information written in their native language. Too many mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters suffer unnecessarily and die needlessly from conditions that would have been treatable, or even preventable had they had the knowledge they needed from the very beginning,” says Maria Hester, M.D., Principal of Savvier Health, LLC. “Total en Salud takes a complete mind, body, and spirit (Christian) approach to wellness because for many, the need for healing is not just physical. A variety of stressors in life can actually contribute to physical disease, and without addressing the source of many of the problems people face, we cannot bring about complete healing,” says Dr. Hester. Numerous links to Spanish health and wellness websites are provided throughout the app, in addition to user-friendly information on common conditions presented within each section of the app itself. Users can learn national preventive medicine recommendations, develop an action plan to optimize their health, and research well-respected health sites which provide easy-to-understand information written in Spanish. Health topics include: — Diabetes — Cancer — Exercise — Nutrition — Heart disease — HIV/AIDS — Hypertension — Stroke — Obesity — Vaccines — Tobacco use There are also resources on stress reduction and numerous links to a wide variety of health sites, all written in Spanish.