MIAMI, FL – October 15, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Moore Communications Group (MCG), a public relations and advertising agency, coordinated a special event for their client Lincoln Motor Company on October 13th inspired by the theme “A Journey to Design and Rejuvenation,” with the hashtag @LincolnMotorCo #Continental.

MCG welcomed media, microbloggers, automotive writers and local celebrities as they enjoyed a first glance of the new Continental Concept car. There was a full house at The Raleigh Hotel in South Miami Beach.

MCG’s storytelling journey included Lincoln Motor Company SMEs: Max Wolf, exterior design chief, and Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert. The event was supported by Hispanic third-party experts Emilio Sosa, designer, and Laura Termini, holistic lifestyle advocate and event co-host.

For the event, Termini produced a recording with meditations that drivers can listen to while they are on the road.

“Individual luxury / Zen experiences is something that consumers want now. The practice of meditating while driving begins as with most forms of meditation, with finding an appropriate posture. As usual, this specifically means cultivating a straight spine and a settled body. The 30-Way seat can help provide a comfortable and relaxed posture that can facilitate meditation, and meditation can help us focus and being alert while driving,” Termini said.

About Laura Termini:
Laura Termini is a TV Personality, actress, producer & mediapreneur with over 30 years of experience across television, radio and print media. She is also a spokesperson, brand ambassador and the founder of the bilingual site Natural Orgánica and Latina: Twitter: @LauraTermini.

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