BROOKLYN, NY – February 16, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Reaffirming its commitment to offer relevant content to viewers in their own language, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN) announced today an agreement with AccuWeather to air weather forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States.

Starting in February, HITN will bring audiences weather news and updates in the 12 US cities with the highest concentration of Spanish-speakers. The agreement marks the first time AccuWeather has partnered with a national TV network to offer Spanish weather forecasts across the country.

“AccuWeather is a terrific partner and the best way to stay on top of developing weather events. We share its forward-looking vision and are eager to explore new avenues for collaboration,” said, HITN General Manager Eric Turpin.

HITN’s agreement with AccuWeather includes the daily production and distribution of 60-second news spots about weather conditions and general forecasts. The weather spots and analysis will include both live and pre-recorded segments.

AccuWeather Vice President of Display Systems and Services Ryan Ayres said: “Every day over 1.5 billion people around the world trust our weather forecasts to stay informed about weather conditions, plan their days, and take the necessary steps to protect their homes and businesses. We are delighted to partner with HITN to offer up-to-the-minute weather information to Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States.”

AccuWeather has a proven track record of providing reliable and customized weather information on a variety of networks and platforms.

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HITN signs agreement with AccuWeather to air weather forecasts

February 2016

HITN TV – Brooklyn, NY

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Every day over 1.5 billion people worldwide rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day. AccuWeather provides hourly and Minute by Minute(tm) forecasts with Superior Accuracy(tm) with customized content and engaging video presentations available on smartphones, tablets, free wired and mobile Internet sites, connected TVs, and Internet appliances, as well as via radio, television, and newspapers. Established in 1962 by Founder, President, and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers — a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society who was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs — AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of highly-customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites. AccuWeather’s CEO, Barry Lee Myers, is an award winning leader in global weather information issues and one of the world’s most recognized advocates for cooperative relationships between government weather agencies and the weather industry. He is a leader in the digital weather information space.