NEW YORK, NY – November 18, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), a Pay TV network that offers educational content to Hispanic audiences in the United States, today announced the expansion of its programming offering with its broadest ever lineup of productions in the factual genre on topics ranging from natural history and travel to crime investigation. The new content, which represents one of the biggest acquisitions of documentary programming in HITN’s history, is coming to network screens immediately.

HITN’s new programming includes epic natural history productions such as Animal Backgrounds, Clash of the Dinosaurs, Fearless Planet, Nature’s Deadliest and Magic of the Big Blue, as well as series that showcase fascinating aspects of Latin American culture and traditions, including Más que una Fiesta. Also premiering this season are the emergency medical series Critical Rescue and Prosecutors; In Pursuit of Justice, a program that helps audiences understand the workings of the US legal system by following the resolution of fascinating criminal cases.

“We are proud to offer US Hispanic audiences content that educates, entertains and has a positive impact on viewers’ lives,” said Eric Turpin, General Manager of HITN. “The new titles we are incorporating into our programming underscore our mission of offering Hispanic audiences a wide variety of quality content that gives them a better understanding of their roots and the world around them, in addition to shows with a practical focus on issues relevant to their everyday lives in this country.”

Following are brief descriptions of the titles featured in HITN’s new programming season:

Animal Backgrounds

The battle between predator and prey may look like a straightforward duel between evenly matched opponents, but there is a third factor in these confrontations – the battleground itself. The arenas that stage these epic battles are more than just passive backdrops. Battlegrounds are often overlooked, but they are dynamic, dominant and controlling places. The series travels across the globe exploring the battlegrounds of the polar wastes to the scorching deserts; from the richness of the rainforests to colorful seas; and from the expanses of the world’s flat grasslands to the heights of its snowy mountains. The ever changing landscape can tip the balance between the hunter and the hunted – it’s the battleground itself that determines who lives and who dies.

Clash of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years, growing to almost unimaginable sizes and adapting to extreme environments all over the globe. To survive they developed advanced tools, astonishing on the outside and on the inside. A combination of brainpower, carefully honed physical traits, and instinct all worked together to allow dinosaurs to survive for over 165 million years, 800 times longer than we’ve been on the planet. The series uses cutting edge imaging technology to peel back skin, muscles and bones, revealing the secrets of nature’s greatest survival success story.

Fearless Planet

Viewers are eyewitnesses to creation in the Natural Wonders series, as the forces of nature form, mold, and destroy some of the most wondrous places on Earth: The Grand Canyon, Angel Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sahara Desert, Hawaii, Alaska and its Northern Lights. Like humans, each wonder has a life story, with clues in their geological makeup that our experts pinpoint and follow. Alongside some of the world’s leading explorers, the scientists in this series fly, climb, dive and plunge into awesome and dangerous locations for an intimate look.

Prosecutors; In Pursuit of Justice

The prosecuting attorney is the most powerful official in the criminal courts. As such, an effective prosecutor must have an encyclopedic knowledge of the intricate structure and history of the law. However, beyond his role as a legal scholar, the prosecutor must also be a compelling storyteller, have a commanding courtroom presence and be an unshakable spokesman for justice. In this series, the prosecutor’s job starts when a crime is discovered. As the investigation progresses, the prosecutor must find the best route to justice, deciding which clues to unravel and how to piece them together to lead a jury to the truth.

Critical Rescue

When disaster strikes and tragedy seems certain, there is only one hope – Critical Rescue: highly trained teams of paramedics, rescuers and doctors. Their jobs are dangerous, their rescues dramatic. For the victims of a disaster, these courageous men and women are all that stand between life… and death. Critical Rescue presents true stories of emergency rescue and medical teams who battle impossible odds, risking everything to save lives.

Nature’s Deadliest

Nature’s Deadliest captures the lethal weaponry of the natural world’s most deadly creatures. We witness their frightening attacks on people in Australia, Africa and Brazil, home to many of the world’s natural born killers. Through reconstruction and scientific analysis, the show traces the fatal moments of attack, when nature’s supremely engineered predators do what they are made to do: kill. Featured creatures include the Hippo, Black Mamba Spitting Scorpion, Rhino, Lion, Spotted Hyena, Puff Adder, Nile Crocodile, Anaconda, Assassin Caterpillar and Wandering Spider.

Magic of the Big Blue

The Magic of The Big Blue explores the hidden worlds lying beneath the seas and oceans of the seven continents. It is an amazing journey that succeeds in uncovering the unparalleled and underexplored beauty of the deeps. Filmed by renowned Polish underwater photographer Darek Sepilo, this landmark seven-part series reveals images that will impress themselves on the memory forever. Highlights include encounters with feeding sharks, Antarctic-dwelling leopard seals and migrating whales.

Más que una Fiesta

Más que una Fiesta is a series that travels Latin America in search of the region’s most important and colorful festivals. With host Leandro O’Brien, this program goes deep inside the culture of the countries it visits, taking part in every detail of the celebrations it explores while explaining their origin and relevance. The spectacles on display range from the colorful Desfile de los Silleteros (Colombia) and Fiesta del Huey Atlixcayotl (Puebla, Mexico) to more solemn observances such as the Fiesta del Señor de los Milagros (Peru).

About HITN
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