MIAMI, FL – February 9, 2018 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Hispanic Market Advisors® started in 1998 as a service provider of English to Spanish Website Translations and Spanish SEO. Ten years later, as an integral, fast growing company in the Hispanic marketing field, Hispanic Market Advisors® integrates four forward edge virtual teams (Search, Language, Content, Social) led by Sebastian Aroca, MIB, each one of those teams providing results-oriented services designed to help you achieve success in the prospering online Hispanic market.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary and with the purpose of helping brands reap the growth of US Hispanics online, the Hispanic marketing agency Hispanic Market Advisors® shares some tips for brands and organizations (private and public) to build and expand multicultural connections and deepens awareness of the cultural sensitivities of the Hispanic community.


Supporting a Spanish website is not as simple as hosting and direct translating through free services like Google Translate. This can be grossly inaccurate when marketing professional towards the Hispanic target audience. Creating a Spanish Website, whether it’s the result of an English to Spanish website translation, or a Spanish website created from scratch, should only be done if a company is operationally ready to support a Hispanic Online Initiative. View Infographic » Be Operationally Ready to Support a Hispanic Online Initiative.


We know from various studies that Hispanic Americans are highly engaged with their mobile devices. Therefore, in targeting the ever growing and lucrative online Hispanic market, one of the best ways to reach them is through mobile marketing. View Infographic » Benefits of Mobile Marketing to Latinos


The use of a wire or press release designed to reach Hispanics must be carefully done. Writing a successful one requires researching the target audience in detail. You may want to consider making it a bilingual wire or press release for better coverage. Lots of Hispanics consume content in both languages. View Infographic » Effective Hispanic Wires and Press Releases for Your Latino Marketing Campaigns.

Significant accomplishments include:

— A Boston Immigration law firm more than doubled in six months its traffic to the Spanish-language website by adopting organic Spanish SEO campaign led by Hispanic Market Advisors®

— A fast-growing residential cleaning franchise recruited hundreds of unit franchise operators across the United States into their franchise model thanks to a program developed by US-based Latino SEO/SEM agency Hispanic Market Advisors® that helped recruit Latino franchisee prospects through bilingual Latino marketing efforts.

— A leading consolidation credit counseling agency improved its online presence in the US Latino market by adopting a pure organic Spanish SEO campaign.

Hispanic Market Advisors’ focus and ability to obtain results for its clients:

“WE NEVER STOP following metrics very closely, delivering Top Ranking, and working with the key players in the industry,” says Sebastian Aroca, President and Founder of Hispanic Market Advisors®. “Our SEO involves also tracking number of visits and building a balanced link profile. PPC involves tracking pageviews, clicks and conversions. CRO involves tracking calls and user behavior to optimize the lead funnel and maximize leads and sales. Numbers don’t lie, and we will make them all visible to you,” added Aroca.

Some clients and partners’ comments:

“Hispanic Market Advisors has been a trusted partner of Hispanicize Wire and the Hispanicize Media Group brands for more than five years. I have utmost respect for Sebastian Aroca, Johnny Lozada and the whole HMA team. Sebastian is one of the rare national SEO experts who specializes in the U.S. Hispanic market. This made HMA a natural fit for Hispanicize Wire, the only Latino-owned and operated press release distribution service in the United States… We highly recommend Hispanic Market Advisors to any growing and competitive business, brand, agency or influencer….” Bill Gato, CEO Hispanicize Wire.

“Hispanic Market Advisors has helped our business in connecting us with Hispanic clients through Spanish SEO and PPC (English and Spanish). Very personal service. We’re satisfied and we often refer Hispanic Market Advisors and Sebastian to other surgeons we know that are looking forward to reach Hispanics digitally.” Rose Flores, Beauty By Design Group.

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The Hispanic market continues to be a very large portion of the untapped consumers in the US. By researching various aspects of Hispanic marketing, a business can realize its potential in bringing in more valuable consumers who contribute to heightening overall revenue. Should you be interested in exploring opportunities with Hispanic Market Advisors®, please contact them online via this vcita link:

A Note on Terminology

The terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” are used interchangeably in this press release.

About Hispanic Market Advisors®
Hispanic Market Advisors ® is a boutique company focused on connecting brands with Hispanic consumers digitally, through various Hispanic marketing strategies that are aiding companies of all sizes to reap the growth of the Latin American and US Hispanic market. With an excellent Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) score of 94 to current and prospective customers, Hispanic Market Advisors® is certified by Open Ratings (a Dun & Bradstreet company) as a Top 20% Performer.