LOS ANGELES, California – October 9, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Honoring girls coming of age celebrations with a “PartyTale” is a new way to make their fairytale dreams come true, while strengthening the family foundation of support, courage and self-esteem.

“We have created ‘PartyTales’ a way to make the celebration a more meaningful learning experience and to create lasting memories with beautiful pictures”

Actress-Author Isabella Wall, known as the “Fairy God-mother of Quinceañeras and renowned Fashion and beauty veteran Dr. Barbara Layne will join together on October 12th, during the Hispanic Heritage Month and the International Day of the Girl, to give underprivileged girls a one day Quinceañera and Sweet16 experience at the Academy of Make-up and Fashion, Los Angeles campus along with millions of mothers, sisters, aunts and women mentors all over the world, to celebrate International Day of the Girl with love and support for our girls in their transition into womanhood.

Isabella was recently quoted in the LOS ANGELES TIMES about the public’s perception of Quinceañeras and Sweet16: “Everything is about fantasy, she grows up and becomes a princess and the prince comes along and it’s like a happy ending to a fairy tale”. “This notion is not true for all young women and the families who celebrate their ‘Princess’ transitioning into adulthood”. – Continues Isabella.

We have created “PartyTales” a way to make the celebration a more meaningful learning experience and to create lasting memories with beautiful pictures, instead of an expensive extravaganza, that may not help them appreciate the financial sacrifice and expense, incurred by the family. Through Partytales they can discover that values, family and self-esteem can be strengthen during this special time. Teaching values through fairytales is nothing new, it has been taught in schools forever. Why not highlight the positive aspects of celebrating our girl’s Princess-within, but the ‘real-life’ Princess. – Said Wall

The PartyTales program includes a 4 part series of group or individual, interactive and dynamic workshops that include beauty, make-up, fashion, poise, story telling, video screenings, keynote speakers and more. The program concludes with a fun photo shoot of each girl dressed-up in the Quinceañera or Sweet16 fashions provided by the Academy, as they would wear it for the real event. They receive a quality photo album representing the unforgettable memories of this once in a lifetime occasion. An Empowering fairytale party without the expense.

Empowering our girls through the celebration of their true selves, with grace, fashion, beauty, dignity and advocacy are the right and the smart thing to do. We help our young women succeed and they in turn become agents of positive change by paying it forward and inspiring other young women in their communities. – Concluded Wall

About Barbara Layne

Award Winning Image and Beauty Expert, Author, President and Founder of the Academy of Makeup & Fashion, Lady Layne Cosmetics and The Beverly Hills Image Consultants. Dr. Layne has a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master in Applied Arts and a Ph.D. in Fine Arts. In her book “INSPIRED STYLE” Barbara assembles a group of twenty-one experts to take the readers on a journey of self-discovery through their most innovative personal image strategies.

About Isabella Wall

Isabella has emerged as a motivational leader of the new generation of young women, in the Multi-cultural community in the United States. Isabella Wall is an actress, model, author, copywriter and women rights advocate. Her contributions to the rescue of the cultural celebrations of the transition from girl to woman, have earned her the title “Fairy God-mother of Quinceañeras. Isabella is an Ambassador, Spokesperson and Advisor for many brands working with diversity initiatives.